Your Elevator Pitch and First Impressions

Connie Ragen Green
5 min readAug 2, 2022

Delivering Your Elevator Pitch in a Meaningful Way

Connie Ragen Green — Your Elevator Pitch and First Impressions

You probably know how important networking is for maximizing your career. But it’s not always enjoyable. You can make networking a whole lot less painful by being prepared and by having your personal elevator pitch rehearsed and ready to go. Let’s discuss the value of your elevator pitch and first impressions in achieving your goals in life and business.

Here are eight tips to help you polish your pitch for your next networking event. Then we’ll discuss how to make a good first impression…

1. Keep it punchy
A good elevator pitch should be no more than 45 seconds (yes, the average length of an elevator ride). It should be interesting, memorable, and brief, and you should feel comfortable delivering it. It should sound natural and not like an elevator pitch!

2. Keep it focused
You can tailor your elevator pitch to the event. Are you there representing your organization or there to get your next sale or your next job? Keep your two- or three-line pitch focused on that objective. If the person you’re talking to is from the same sector or went to your college, include that to get their attention. If you have an existing connection, you can start to build the relationship there.

3. Mention your career experience or goals
Be clear about your experience or your business goals. Tell them you’ve worked in 3D printing or horse-breaking for however many years, or that you’re an entrepreneur or a human rights advocate. Mention any specializations without falling into jargon and make sure to steer away from too much detail.

4. Mention your qualifications
If you have a diploma of jurisprudence or an MBA, mention them. If you’ve just graduated, you can specify your college major. You might want to include any significant achievements, leadership skills, or standout strengths.

5. Highlight what makes you unique
Think of what makes you stand out. Do you speak other languages? Have you worked or volunteered overseas? What unique qualities or experiences make you memorable?

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