Your Blog As a Learning Center

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readAug 30, 2022
Connie Ragen Green — Your Blog As a Learning Center

Think of Your Blog As a Learning Center

Most business blogs are lacking in many ways and not at all effective. They’re used for things like announcements and fluffy content that does nothing to capture leads and make sales. And if all you want is a place to jot down your thoughts, then skip this article. But if you want a blog that gets you more leads and more sales with every single piece of content you write, then think of your blog as a learning center first.

Forget about blogging as you know it and instead think of your blog as a learning center. (Jimmy D Brown is a master at sharing his learning center strategies and solutions in this area with us). This learning center will be a hub for all of your website’s most important content. Visitors will be able to find answers to their problems and find information on what they want to know.

You’re going to create content that resonates with your target audience and influences them to make a buying decision. Your goal should be to educate your prospects into becoming customers, and your customers into making repeat sales. And you’re going to do this without advertisements for your offerings.

The problem with ads is they are biased and present only one solution to a customer’s problem. This makes prospects skeptical and loses you the sale.

But when you fill your blog with the honest help your prospects are looking for, then you move from being a sales person to becoming a trusted authority. You are now running a training center that will have mass appeal. And that gets you readers, subscribers and sales.

Your website should be your best salesperson and teacher, working for you 24/7 to build your tribe of raving fans, and to make sales.

I remember years ago when I needed to buy kitchen appliances. I went to a local store and got lucky enough to be waited on by a man who had been in the appliance business all of his life. He didn’t own the store, he just sold appliances, and he knew everything there was to know about every model there on the floor as well as models sold in other stores.

He told me point blank which models to avoid and what sort of problems they had. He steered me away from an overpriced model with good…



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