Writers and Authors Who Inspire Me

Connie Ragen Green
9 min readJun 16, 2022

These Are Some of the Writers and Authors Who Inspire Me to Reach My Full Potential

Connie Ragen Green — Writers and Authors Who Inspire Me

Authorship is the single greatest accomplishment I have achieved and goal I’ve reached in my lifetime. But even more importantly, along the way I became a writer. What’s the difference? Authors write and publish books to share their thoughts, ideas, information, experience, and expertise with others, on a specific topic or topics of interest to their audiences. Writers, on the other hand, share stories that simply must be told. There are many writers and authors who inspire me to keep on writing, and they are making a difference in my life. I’ll be sharing them with you later on…

My books are in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity, time management, public speaking, authorship, mindset, and more. While I do not think of these books as “marketing pieces” as some authors do, they do make a difference in my business every day. I’m asked to speak to groups all over the world, both virtually and in person on a regular basis because I’m a published author.

Also, people many times come directly into my exclusive mentoring program as a result of reading one or more of my books. Basically, authorship continues to give me more visibility and credibility than any other single action I could take. This leads to increased income, opportunities, and connections. At this point, I publish one or two new titles each year, with the topics based on what is bringing me the greatest joy and impact at that moment. Then there’s my writing…

My writing comes from a place deep in my soul. I write about every life experience that has shaped me over my six decades as a resident of this planet. I have stories that must be told, then shared, then discussed in great detail, outside of the realm of the story itself. I’m in two Mastermind groups where we tell stories and use them as the basis for new products and courses and programs. That is where my “Entropy for Entrepreneurs” concept was born and continues to thrive. The writers and authors who inspire me also whisper in my ear with gentle voices of encouragement and sound advice.

Since 2021, I’ve returned to my first love, writing scripts, screenplays, and plays for the stage and screen…

Connie Ragen Green

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