Voice of Influence: Confidence with Public Speaking

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readJun 6, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — Voice of Influence: Confidence with Public Speaking

Voice of Influence: Project Confidence and Authority with Public Speaking

The most confident person can still have difficulties speaking in public. The same is true if you are giving a presentation on Zoom or Skype. Here are some proven methods for being perceived as an authority in your field. You will be seen as a confident public speaker who looks at ease and is comfortable in front of an audience by cultivating a voice of influence.

Dress for Confidence

Do you have a power suit? How about a silk scarf What is an article of clothing you wear that makes you feel confident and capable? That’s what you want to wear when you speak in public. You should dress appropriately for the situation but also wear clothes that make you feel in control and confident. When I began speaking publicly in 2007, I asked a close friend to go shopping with me. She had an eye for what would look best on me and I took all of her suggestions and advice. Yes, this made a huge difference in how I felt while I was speaking on stage and also throughout the events where I was speaking.

Ask Your Audience for Input Beforehand

Knowing what your listeners want to hear can lead to more confidence. You won’t get caught off guard with a question you aren’t prepared for. Ask your audience…



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