Using LinkedIn for Business Growth

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readJun 18, 2021

LinkedIn has been excellent for my business growth. It’s gone from being something of a hobby to now turning into the primary way for me to connect with high level clients…

Connie Ragen Green — Using LinkedIn for Business Growth

LinkedIn For Business Growth

I love using LinkedIn for business growth and it has gone from being something of a hobby to now turning into the primary way for me to connect with high level clients. Let’s discuss how you can do the same thing as you grow your business online and offline.

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1 — Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
One of the most critical aspects of using LinkedIn as a networking tool is your profile. You don’t want to make a generic profile. Instead, you want the profile to be optimized so that you get the results from it that you desire. Let’s look at some tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile that really work.

Optimize for the Job You Want

Okay, understand that not everyone that uses LinkedIn needs a job, so you may want to instead optimize your profile based on your goals. If you’re a recruiter, it’s going to be far different than if you are a job seeker, a businessperson seeking clients, or a business owner networking for employees and contractors. Make it clear to whoever visits your profile what your goals and experience are.

Create a Company Profile Too

If you have a business that you own or are connected to, ensure it has its own profile too. Focus the company profile on your customers and employees. This will enable you to list openings and deliver educational materials more easily, and in a way that is branded to your business and not just you personally.

Choose the Right Headshot

When you upload your headshot to LinkedIn, be sure to make it visible to everyone. Blocking people out of seeing your profile and information is not the best use of LinkedIn. Put a professional headshot up that shows you looking into the camera. People want to see your face and eyes. It builds trust. Early on I had someone take a full length photo of me standing in…

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