Using Analytics to Refine Your Sales Copy

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Connie Ragen Green — Using Analytics to Refine Your Sales Copy

When it comes to improving your copywriting, one of the best tools you have available is your website analytics and social media metrics. Regularly reviewing these numbers and watching them grow can provide you with the insights you need to create stellar copy. Here’s how to use your metrics effectively and a guide to using analytics to grow your business.

Look at Your Most Popular Content

The first thing you’ll want to study is your most popular content. You may discover an old blog post you’d forgotten about gets a lot of search engine traffic. You may see that a social media post that got plenty of engagement asks followers an important question.

You’re not just looking at individual posts though. You’re looking for overall trends. For example, do your Facebook posts that include emoticons get more comments? If so, then you may want to try adding emoticons to all of your posts in the next week and see how they perform. This is what makes using analytics more interesting and insightful.

Consider Your Traffic Source

This helps you see where to spend your time marketing. You may find that Instagram isn’t sending you a lot of traffic but Twitter sends you dozens of visitors a day. Knowing this, you could trim your copy to favor Twitter instead of Instagram.

On social media, you may see that your Facebook group drives the most traffic to your fan page. This means the next time you want to launch a big promotion, you’ll make sure to post helpful content in your Facebook group before the launch.

Dig Deep into Your Demographics

Sometimes, your demographics can surprise you and challenge how you write your copy. For example, you might think your ideal customers for your digital planners are thirty-something mothers, who are busy raising kids. However, your demographics might show that your customers are actually closer to 50 and use your planners in a different way than you expected. Using analytics in this way just makes sense.

Be open to learning new things about your demographics and using analytics to improve and enhance what you already know and implement. This helps you write better copy and the better your copy, the more likely it is to convert your visitors into buyers.

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