Underserved and Emerging Niches

Connie Ragen Green
14 min readNov 24, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Underserved and Emerging Niches

How to Monetize Underserved and Emerging Niches and Markets

One of the most intimidating factors in trying to start an online business is the process of selecting a niche that you feel will be profitable and that you can still be competitive in. Many marketers make the mistake of pursuing too broad of a niche that is flooded with competition, while others go so narrow that there is little hope for them to earn any money in it. Let’s discuss underserved and emerging niches.

A better option is for you to learn how to identify niches that are either underserved or emerging as something formidable. This way, you are choosing something that has ample profit potential, but you’re not going to head to head with a bunch of competitors who have been catering to that target audience for months and years before you.

You obviously want a niche that has some competition. Without it, it would be a significant indicator that you might be looking at something that’s a waste of your time. But it has to strike the right balance. If you’re trying to compete with too many people, it can be problematic in getting your site ranked, in growing your list, in carving out brand recognition for yourself, in building a social media following — and more.

Below, you’re going to discover the amazing opportunities lying in the underserved and emerging niche markets so that you can stake claim to your fair share of opportunities designed to fill your coffers with cash!

Understanding the Underserved and Emerging Niche Markets

Before you can start profiting from underserved and emerging niches, you have to understand what that means. An underserved niche is built on a topic that people are not covering enough or at least not in the right way.

It’s a niche where the demographic is feeling disappointed with the volume or quality of content and tools to help guide them in their journey. Sometimes, marketers can simply ignore opportunities because they want to do something bigger and better with their time and effort.

But what they may not realize is that the competition is so low in this, that they could actually be earning more by pursuing them than if they were going head-to-head with big…



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