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Connie Ragen Green
15 min readNov 19, 2022
Connie Ragen Green — Traffic Generation to New Websites

Free Traffic Generation Methods That Work

On my other site, I covered ten proven methods for getting free traffic generation to new websites last month. Here, I’m continuing the series with 10 more. As you know, it can be difficult to drive free traffic to a new website. There hasn’t been time for SEO to kick in, the email list might be skimpy or non-existent and even social media can be an uphill climb at first.

But with these methods you won’t have to wait months to see targeted traffic hitting your site.

I especially love Method #11 because the potential for new traffic is out of this world. I’ve seen six figure businesses built in a very short time using this method.
Enough of this introduction, let’s get started!

Method #1A — Give Away a Valuable Tool

This method is something that flies under the radar for most marketers. They don’t think of doing this, and even when they see it being done by someone else, they don’t fully understand how it works or the power of what they’re seeing.

Let’s say you’ve got a valuable software tool that your crowd would love to have. Yes, you can sell it and make some good money. But if you GIVE IT AWAY, you can become rich.

Think of a small stream versus a mighty river. If you redirect the stream then you can fill a pond. But if you redirect the river, you can fill multiple large lakes.

And that’s how this works. Instead of selling your tool (the small stream) and getting a few hundred or a thousand new customers, you’re going to give your tool away to thousands and thousands (millions?) of people. This is going to create a mighty river of traffic that you can then continue to sell to over and over again by capturing their email addresses.

I know a man who built a software tool that online marketers love. He does offer some paid upgrades, but for most users the tool is completely free to use for as long as they like, including updates.

And when he looks at his traffic stats, where is most of his traffic coming from? It’s not from people searching for his name or even searching for his URL. Instead, the bulk of his traffic comes from people wanting…

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