Track Your Results for Ad Campaigns

Connie Ragen Green
5 min readOct 23, 2018
Connie Ragen Green — Track Your Results for Ad Campaigns

Track Your Results

Tracking results means checking how well your ads have converted (clickthroughs), and how many of those who click through complete an action (subscribe or buy).

If you don’t track your results, you are sure to waste money. You can’t just set and forget your ads. To get your best return on investment (ROI), you must track your entire process.

AdWords has Conversion Tracking.

You can also use your traffic logs to look at the level of traffic on the sales landing pages you have created. Then check your email marketing platform, such as Aweber, to see how many new subscribers you get each day. Check your sales reports to see how many new orders you get each day.

Google Analytics (GA) can be used on any website to track your results. It gives an incredible amount of detail about your site. There are 2 features of this robust program that can help you with your conversion tracking. One is Goals and the other is Funnels.

With Goals, you are measuring a result, such as getting a subscriber. If they have landed on the Thank you page, you can assume they have completed the action.

With Funnels, you can track your results from one page to the next, such as your Landing page through to the Thank you page and perhaps a special product offer you would like to give them as a reward for becoming a subscriber.

You can access your free account through your free Gmail account, and click on the Conversions tab to get started with Goals and Funnels.

If you are not getting a good ROI, it’s time to check your campaign settings.

Refine Your Campaign Settings

Some settings might give you better clickthroughs. Check keywords, audience targeting in Facebook, location, language, and so on. Don’t try to be all things to all people at this point. Be very specific and focused on who you think is your ideal customer and what will be the best keyword, message and offer that will resonate with them.

With most niche marketing, it is better to have a narrow focus than a broad one. You are not trying to market to everyone, as they do in TV ads, (the scattershot approach), but rather, people you know are…

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