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Connie Ragen Green — Theme of the Year for 2020

EDITORS NOTE: This is what I have chosen as my theme for the new year of 2021 —

For almost a decade now I have chosen a word of the year. At some point I added two additional words, and also a phrase. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer; this is what I have chosen for 2020…

My Word of the Year 2020 is Vision. I have expanded that to include “Vision, Clarity, and Perspective.”

My phrase for 2020 is “My perspective is clear and enhances my vision.”

I won’t go into detail as to why these words and phrase spoke to me at this point in my life. Instead, feel free to interpret them as you please.

This is a once in a century moment, as we won’t have a repeating double digit year again until 2121, and 2020 is our chance to explore, discover, and grow as a result. The year 2020 offers hope for a different future that we can create in the image of our goals and dreams. It will be a leap year and the first year of the second decade of this new millennium. So joyous to see and feel the excitement and buzz building!

Do you have a theme for yourself and your business for 2020? The first person I knew who chose a word for each year was Mari Smith. We met in 2009 while we were both speaking at a marketing event and I was taken by her choice of the word Influence for that year. Here are her word themes over the years:

2008 — Focus
2009 — Influence
2010 — Team!
2011 — Commitment
2012 — Growth
2013 — Abundance
2014 — Selective
2015 — Partnership
2016 — Order

And here are my words from the past several years…

2013 — Visibility
2014 — Reach
2015 — Growth
2016 — Renewal
2017 — Engagement
2018 — Service
2019 — Energy

And for 2020…
2020 — Vision

I highly recommend you choose a word, or a few words to focus on for the coming year. If you can use them in a sentence that describes your thinking around your word or words it will become an affirmation or mantra to guide you throughout the year.

For 2019, this was what I shared about my words and themes. What can you do to make this more than simply an exercise in choosing words that resonate with you? Here are some ideas:

  • Write a blog post where you share your words and theme with your readers. You’ll find that as you are writing even more ideas will come to you.
  • Share your ideas with friends and family members. I find that when I bring it up to people I know it is the start of an interesting and stimulating conversation, and we get to know so much more about each other than we did previously.
  • Create a new product, short report, or giveaway where you expand upon your words and theme and flesh out your thoughts, goals, and dreams around them. For instance, I will share that my words “vision, clarity, and perspective” came about as I struggled throughout 2019 with how I wanted to grow personally and professionally. Each day felt like something was missing and that I needed to step back to determine and evaluate what was most important to me. Through meditation and prayer I came to the conclusion that my perspective needed to be clear to match and support my vision. Hence, my power phrase related to my words and theme.

I hope this article has inspired you to think BIGGER for 2020. Please leave a comment and share your word, words, or theme with me and other readers.

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