The Tiny Notebook and the Secrets It Held

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readFeb 11, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — The Tiny Notebook and the Secrets It Held

She finished the final sentence in the story, closed the notebook, and carefully put down her pencil. Then she sat upright, staring down at the tiny notebook and thinking about what she had written.

Her thoughts wandered for a bit, and when she came back to the present moment she realized that she was turning the tiny notebook over and over in her left hand. This one had off-white pages with a beige cover. It contained 48 pages in all. She sat it down on her nightstand and eased herself into the pillow behind her. The headboard banged softly against the wall and she dozed off and into a dream.

Over the years she had turned herself into a writer. It was something she had dreamed of doing since she was in the 5th grade. Danny, a fellow student, had asked her to write a story with him to share with their class. She had excitedly agreed, only to be removed from the project a few days later when Danny felt like the story would turn out better if he proceeded on his own.

This saddened her at first. Then, she slowly understood that a great story could wait for no one. It had to be told, and those who embraced this urgency became the storytellers of their time.

The tiny notebook filled up with her words, spilling over into scraps of paper inserted between its pages. Finally, she wrote the beginning and ending dates on the first and last page and tucked it away with some personal cards and photos from years past. She removed one photo from the pile, opened up a blank notebook, and began to write.

Was it truly so easy to become the writer she so wanted to be? Out loud, she said the words: writer; one who writes. She committed to writing every day. She would write about anything that crossed her mind. She became obsessed with jotting down her thoughts and ideas. Some days she had to extricate the memories from the recesses of her mind. At other times, she was willing to settle for writing a story about the mundane events of her life.

Over the years, she became disillusioned with her work as a classroom teacher and longed to leave this career behind. Could she become a writer? Yes! But, could she earn a living in this way? She did not believe she could, so that became her reality. Her writing would continue to be more of an avocation, and…



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