The Myth of Overnight Success

I have found that the myth of overnight success and achieving all of your goals over a short period of time is just that — a myth.

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Connie Ragen Green — The Myth of Overnight Success

I didn’t write 20+ bestsellers overnight; it all began with a two hundred fifty word blog post a few years before I wrote the first book. Every day I wrote another blog post and another and soon my writing improved, I could write five hundred word posts, and the idea of authoring a book came into my realm of possibilities. When I published my first book in 2010 people thought I had been a writer since I was very young. I quickly corrected them and explained that anyone with a goal and a dream who was willing to do the work could do the same.

Trust the Process

Having a process is the most important aspect of coming up with new material. Everyone is unique and might have a different method, but a routine will make all the difference. We need something to create a habit loop that triggers the writing brain. A process that conditions our mind to see a specific time as writing and creativity time, regardless of the results is crucial to success and gets us closer to making the myth of overnight success a reality.

Ignore the Haters

I can remember when someone wrote a scathingly hateful review of my book about affiliate marketing several years ago. I complained to my friend Joe Vitale and he congratulated me by saying “You’ve arrived!” By that he meant that people were noticing my great success and there would always be a few who were jealous and unhappy because they weren’t willing to do the work it takes to achieve their own success. Step back and away from these people for whom the myth of overnight success will remain just that forever and focus on the ones who bring joy and positivity into your life.

Don’t Allow Organization to Kill Your Creativity

Einstein said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?”

Creative thinking requires you to loosen your grip on order and organization, all while maintaining focus and avoiding distraction. Entropy precludes us from balancing chaos and order but you can be creative and productive simultaneously.

Amy Rigby had this to say in her post “Efficiency vs. Creativity: How being “too organized” can kill creative thinking (and what to do about it)

Start Brainstorming

Write down ten ideas for articles and products every day. I learned this from James Altucher after reading his books and hearing him speak several years ago. No self-judgment. Some are good, some are crude and need lots of work to shape them into something. I go back and look over them. Some days they all seem horrible, so I sift through other days to gain inspiration. If I look back five days, that’s fifty ideas.

Read Every Day

Every day I read for at least 30 minutes. This is where I draw a lot of my material from for everything I write and speak about. Without reading, I would hardly have anything to write about. It helps me formulate concepts and ideas around brilliant stories that already exist. Sometimes I listen to books and take notes. Listening is soothing and satisfying and allows me to focus on the content instead of the act of reading.

Every article and blog post I’ve ever written is still online. The purpose of this is to remind myself that growth is attained through practice and not by sitting idle.

Have You Given Up on Your Dreams?

You may be frustrated right now. You’ve been working hard and seeing no or very little fruit for your labors at chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. This is not completely unusual for this time of year.

Most of us have a long way to go toward achieving our goals. What do we do when this happens?

I think it’s important to hear the stories of those who have chased their dreams and have seen them come true. It is also important for us to focus on what we need to do to make them happen. Allow others to motivate and inspire you to greatness so you may reach your full potential during this lifetime. Make adjustments as needed as the year goes on.

While the myth of overnight success is not a reality, focusing on the goals and dreams you wish to achieve is so close you must be able to taste and smell it. Do the work and you’ll be able to see and touch it.

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