The Death of Your Dream

Connie Ragen Green
8 min readAug 5, 2019
Connie Ragen Green — The Death of Your Dream

Death changes you. It changes everything, forever. Whether it is that of a parent, or a child, or of a close friend or family member, once that person is gone you are never the same. What I want to discuss is a different type of death, but one that will nonetheless change your life and your perspective forever.

What I am referring to here is the death of a dream.

This type of death may sneak up on you. It is like a cancer that has been growing inside your body for months or years and suddenly appears. One day you thought you were fine and the next you realize you’re not.

Or it can be a death that occurs when you let go of the dream you once held close in your heart and in the recesses of your mind. All at once you detach yourself from your dream and allow it to float away, like a butterfly released from an enclosed space who is now free to flap its wings and explore the world it has been waiting for and anticipating for as long as it can remember . You can almost feel and hear the movement in slow motion, tiny wings causing a hollow flutter as your dream literally flies out the window.

I observe this type of death in the clients I work with in my business. They come to me with big dreams and goals and I take them by the hand to help them turn their dreams into reality. Then the fear steps forward from their inner consciousness, choking the breath out of their lungs and convincing them they will not be able to achieve what they most want to accomplish.

Fear is its own form of cancer; false evidence appearing real, a slimy salesperson peddling defective wares to you, the buyer, letting your guard down. Buyer beware.

My clients reluctantly and subconsciously release their dream one piece at a time. Their writing comes to an abrupt halt. The project they were so excited about when they first came to me is put on the back burner. The email messages to their community become more impersonal and infrequent and then stop altogether. They withdraw from the world they have created for their business and retreat to the familiar. They have detached from the dream that once upon a time gave them a reason to feel alive, sometimes after years or decades of going through the motions. Too scary to keep moving forward, or so it appears.



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