The AIDA Copywriting Template

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Connie Ragen Green — The AIDA Copywriting Template

Professional copywriters have valuable templates that they can turn to when they’re struggling for inspiration or not sure where to begin their latest project. One of the most popular of these templates is the AIDA copywriting template and formula. AIDA is acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Here’s how to use it in your own copy:


The AIDA copywriting template is a valuable way to move forward. The first thing you want to do when you start writing copy is grab the attention of your visitors. In 1926, a copywriter named John Caples used a simple headline to hook his readers. His headline was: “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano — But When I Started to Play!”

The reason it was so effective is because he tells a story and asks a question at the same time. His story starts with sitting down at the piano only to be laughed at but it leaves readers asking the question, “What happens next?”

A question is the best way to get attention from your visitors. Try rephrasing the next headline you write as a question and see if you can turn it into a compelling one. For example, your headline might be: 7 Secrets Your ER Doctor Won’t Tell You.

The question that readers will ask is, “What isn’t my doctor telling me? Can I trust my ER doctor?” You always want to turn your headline into a compelling question, so your visitors are engaged with your copy and eager to find out the answer.


Once you’ve gotten your readers to pay attention, you want to keep them focused by making your topic interesting to them. If the topic is going to be interesting, it has to touch on a deep desire or need in the visitor’s life.

For example, if you sell digital planners, it might be tempting to tell readers how organized and efficient they can become with one; but, that’s not terribly interesting.

However, if you start talking about Dana, a mom who feels constantly disorganized, has household chaos and regularly misses appointments, readers will start to relate. This shows the need for your product.


Now, it’s time to plug your product or service as the answer to your visitors’ problem. Using the example above, you can talk about one two-hour hack that Dana discovered that now helps her organize her whole week.

You may go on to mention how Dana’s stress has decreased, her house is now organized, and she’s always on time for appointments. Then you explain that these changes are the result of using the digital planners you sell.


After you’ve shown how your product or service meets a need for your target market, it’s time to ask them to take action. This might be telling them to purchase your digital planner (if you’re creating a sales page) or simply asking them to sign up for your newsletter filled with organization tips (if you’re trying to build your mailing list).

The AIDA Copywriting Template in Action…

Keep in mind that during the action section you may want to offer an extra incentive to make the offer even more appealing. For instance, if a customer purchases now, you could share a coupon code for 15% off the purchase price. If a customer signs up for your newsletter, you could give her access to an exclusive webinar where she learns your best planning secrets. By now you can see that this AIDA copywriting template is most worthwhile.

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