Taking the Next Logical Steps, Courageously

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readJun 5, 2021

What’s the Next Logical Step for You, in Your Life and Your Business?

Connie Ragen Green — Taking the Next Logical Steps, Courageously

Within a week of the United States declaring a national emergency on March 16, 2020 due to the pandemic, I met with my Mastermind group in person in Austin, Texas. We had one purpose during our four days together and that was to come up with strategies that would allow us each to pivot our business model in order to prosper during the coming economic downturn. And, as is always the case, when the entrepreneur is ready the opportunities appear. I chose three of them at the time and the results have been outstanding as the year has progressed. I want to share with you how to go about deciding what the next logical steps will be for you, personally and professionally.

Last night my Alexa chose a playlist for me and “Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and the Papas was at the top of the list. This song was recorded in 1966 and was the group’s only #1 hit on the Billboard Top 100. Why did this song make the cut to #1? Most likely for the same reason that hundreds of other songs achieved this status — because they had a group of studio musicians called “The Wrecking Crew” playing instruments for them in the background.

These talented, professional musicians made a difference for many groups and changed the face of recording as we knew it. My favorite song they were a part of is “God Only Knows” from the Beach Boys and you can see the creative process behind their work on this in 1966 here. Changing the way music was created was one of the logical next steps for the performers who chose to take their music to the next level at that time.

This story is a fascinating one and I’m pointing it out because we all succeed faster and more easily when we have someone more experienced standing behind us every step of the way. I’ve been mentored in several areas of my life since 2005. When I became a mentor to others in 2007 I began sharing my beliefs on this topic with others on how I am a “wrecking crew” for my mentees.

If you’re considering taking on a coach or a mentor, ask them who their mentor is. If they don’t have one, they are not the right person to mentor you to great achievements and goals. Your next logical steps include finding the right mentor to guide and promote you to the world. Most…

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