Suggestive Selling: Sales Skills That Make Sense

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Connie Ragen Green — Suggesting Selling

When I think of the term “suggestive selling” it makes me think of fast food chains that ask if you would like to have some French fries with your burger or sandwich. Can that concept possibly relate to what we do as online entrepreneurs with digital products? Most definitely, and I will explain why I believe this to be true.

I sell my own and affiliate products, courses, and services online. When someone finds one of my products they typically have an idea of what they would like to learn and pursue in their own business. Let’s say this in the area of affiliate marketing. If they have found me through one of my books, Huge Profits with Affiliate Marketing: How to Build an Online Empire by Recommending What You Love it would make sense for them to also want my training courses on this topic. These are Affiliate Contest Secrets and Really Simple Affiliate Marketing. If they wish to go deeper into this area it might also be reasonable for them to purchase The Internet Marketing Six Pack or to come into my Online Marketing Incubator mentoring program. Can you see how these are all related?

This is a typical funnel, where one product or course leads to the next one, but people are able to enter at any point along the continuum, based on where they are right now and how quickly they may wish to move forward. What this means is that someone may enter at the fifteen or twenty dollar level with a book and a simple product, or come in at the two to five hundred dollar level with a more sophisticated training program. What has been most typical for me in my twelve years of experience as an online entrepreneur is for someone to purchase one of my books, or to receive it as a gift and then come directly into my high level mentoring program to work closely with me.

The goal for you is to put together your own funnels with a variety of products at different price points, and to add affiliate offers where they would make the most sense. Over a period of one to two years each funnel could be worth six figures a year to you.

Suggestive selling benefits your prospects and customers as well, by providing a variety of opportunities and price points for them to come aboard with what you have to offer. I enjoy putting myself into the shoes of the person who is interested in a topic I am an expert in and where I have products to offer and imagining which one or ones will best serve their needs at that point in time. We have all been in the position of wanting to learn more about a specific topic and only finding training at a level that is too simple or too complicated for where we are right then. Instead, make sure to cover a wider range so as to serve more potential buyers.

Where else can you think of to use suggestive selling in your online business?

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Connie Ragen Green is a bestselling author, marketing mentor, and online marketing strategist, working with people and corporations on six continents to help them increase their credibility, expand their visibility, and explode their profitability. If you’re interested in getting started with the journey to online entrepreneurship and taking your life to the next level, find out more by downloading your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started today.

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Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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