Starting An Online Business? Get Your Family on Board

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readSep 12, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Starting An Online Business? Get Your Family on Board

Getting Your Family on Board with Your Online Business

Starting any business is a big undertaking. It’s even more challenging if you’re trying to do it while holding down a full-time job and caring for your family. If you’re starting an online business, get your family on board from the very beginning.

The people in our lives like to know what’s going on around them. So, if you’re going to start a new business venture, offline or online be sure to take the time to explain your plans and involve them in the process as much as possible.

Think of it this way, if you can’t prove to your family that your business venture is worthwhile, how will you show your prospective customers and clients it is?

Here are a few steps to take when you’re starting an online business to get your family on board with what you are creating:

Explain Your Plans and Why You’re Doing It

The first step is to sit down with your family and explain your plan and why you are doing it. Your ‘Why?’ most likely includes them, so allow them to dream and create alongside you, at least in a small way. Be sure to emphasize that this is something you’re passionate about and that you believe in your business idea.

Get Your Family Members Involved

If your family supports your plans, involve them in the process as much as possible. Ask them for their input and advice along the way. Tell them how they can help you out, even if it’s just by offering you some moral support. Early on, I had one family member putting together and organizing spread sheets for me, and another learning how to create some simple graphics I could use on my sales pages.

Set Firm But Flexible Boundaries

It’s essential to establish boundaries between your family time and business time. Make sure they understand that you may need to devote some time and energy to your business but that it won’t interfere with your family commitments.

Make a Schedule and a To-Do List

A vital factor in your success is learning to make a good schedule and stick to it. I recommend you use a schedule along with a



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