Setting Intentions That Match Your Goals

I was new to the concept of setting intentions to achieve my goals when I became an entrepreneur in 2006.

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Connie Ragen Green — Setting Intentions That Match Your Goals

Setting Intentions That Match Your Goals

I was new to the concept of setting intentions to achieve my goals when I became an entrepreneur in 2006. Once I discovered the power of living in this way I made myself a promise to always use this as a lifelong strategy for success.

Are you familiar with the phrase “segment intending”? It’s a concept around setting intentions in a way that matches your goals and keeps you in alignment. I’ve been setting intentions using this segment intending concept for a decade now and it has worked well for me each time. Every time we shift or pivot from one activity to the next it is a new segment, requiring us to shift our thinking a little or a lot to acclimate our subconscious to the new surroundings. This works!

Setting Intentions to Achieve Your Goals

You don’t necessarily get what you want in life. You always get what you intend. Whereas a want is a desire or wish, an intention is a purpose or aim. To manifest what you desire, it’s not enough to simply declare it. Instead. it’s important to align energetically with your intention and to put inspired action steps into place toward the manifestation of your intention.

An Example of Setting Intentions with “Segment Intending”

I’ve just returned from an open house hosted by a home builder in my community. Before I left my house I set my intentions. What did I want to achieve? Who was I looking to connect with? Why was I going?

Even though I am still a licensed real estate broker I only take clients who are close friends or family members. So my first intention was to meet another broker to whom I could refer people I would not serve myself. My second intention was to get to know five new people and find out as much as possible about them and how they serve in the real estate business. Intention number three was to have a bottle of water and a small plate of fruits and vegetables and no other food or beverage. My fourth and final intention was to stay for no longer than an hour and then excuse myself and drive home. I accomplished all of these intentions, referring two people to Rotary and sharing two of my resources (people) with two others I met. I drank bottled water and ate olives and some fruit and was on my way. Are you setting intentions for every part of you day? It sure makes a difference and has changed my life.

Mindfulness Through Setting Intentions

Be sure to set your intention before you get started with your goal. You will then see firsthand how much more aligned your results are, in relation to your goal. This begins to set the stage for mindfulness in every area of your life.

I stated earlier that you do not get what you want, but you do get what you intend. For example, imagine the person who says “I want to write a book” versus the person who says “I intend to write and publish my book within six months from today.” The former statement is only a wish and will not have the effect of forward movement towards the goal. After the same person makes the latter statement they may then implement a writing schedule and a solid plan to move themselves closer each day to their goal. Small habits, created and executed mindfully will make all the difference.

The person may visualize themselves holding their book in their hands, speaking at various venues, and discussing their writing process with a friend or family member. Intention may be the most powerful force in the universe and setting intentions throughout each day will help you to change your life more quickly than by any other means.

These are three books I highly recommend that will give you more information on setting intentions…

If you are new to these ideas, set your intention to be open to learning something new about this topic and yourself in the next week. I will promise you that this single action will change your life and direction for powerful manifestation and great success.

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