SEO for Small Business Marketing: Social Media Strategies

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SEO for Small Business Marketing

Using SEO for small business marketing with social media just makes sense. SEO stands for search engine optimization and makes the online world go ’round. Leveraging the power of social media as a part of your overall marketing plan is a brilliant enhancement to this strategy. This has been my observation over the past decade, as social media SEO marketing has gone from its infancy to where it is today as a rock star strategy.

The idea here is to set up profiles for yourself, your own business, and for any businesses or non-profits you are helping with marketing. As much as possible, use the name of the company or organization, along with their location in the profile name. For example, I work with a non-profit that provides rides home for teenagers who are not able to drive themselves for one reason or another. They are located in Santa Clarita, which is also referred to as SCV (Santa Clarita Valley) and so the best name for them would be SCVSafeRides to identify them on the various social media platforms. When someone searches for them on Google, Yahoo, or Bing they are much more likely to find them through these keywords.

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms when you are using SEO for small business marketing, branding, and name recognition. This is due to the fact that all tweets are indexed by the search engines and that you and your Twitter feed become an archive of information about you and the business you are working with online. Use your main keyword phrase at the beginning of your tweet for best results, such as “web sales copywriting is best explained as selling your products and services on the internet — more details at”, allowing plenty of space to come in under the one hundred forty character limit.

On Facebook, use your keywords to lead off your posts, and post to your business page first. Then share it elsewhere, including your personal page or wall. This allows your post to have a much better chance of being indexed by the search engines so that people searching for that specific information may be able to find it easily. I find that over time this becomes much easier, as the search engines get used to your posts on your business pages.

Be sure to include Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus on your list of social media sites where SEO for small business will benefit you or the businesses you are marketing for online. In particular, Instagram is growing in popularity rapidly for all demographics. You may have to be creative here, but it’s worth the time and effort to reach this massive audience. I’m using a site called Canva to create images with text.

You may also want to read my article on additional SEO for local business marketing strategies to learn even more on this topic.

SEO for small business social media tactics and strategies will change over the years, but creating relevant content to share with prospects and customers will never go out of style.

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