Senior Marketers: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Saves Time and Money

Connie Ragen Green
14 min readFeb 8, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — Senior Marketers: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Saves Time and Money

Senior Marketers: Do You Know That Using AI Will Save You Time and Earn You More Money?

Over the years, the online marketing industry has swelled with seniors hoping to start and grow a business of their own. With that goal comes a lot of responsibilities in the form of time-consuming and sometimes costly tasks. When it comes to senior marketers, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an excellent way to save time and money.

This is a competitive industry, so if you can’t keep up in a niche, your growth will be slow. This is often disappointing to seniors who are hoping for a faster way to supplement their income.

In the past, only those who could afford a myriad of tools or outsourcing options were able to carve a place out for themselves, but now everything has changed — and it’s helped seniors level the playing field significantly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools that have come into existence have been made available (often at no cost to you), and they’re so user-friendly, anyone can wield them for their benefit with zero technical skill or knowledge.

Here, we’ll go over some things AI can help you with that will eliminate wasteful spending and allow you to free up plenty of time to enjoy your golden years without being chained to your laptop 24/7.

For Senior Marketers, AI Can Replace Recurring Marketing Tool Charges

There are many challenges senior marketers face in this business. One of the biggest ones is the cost of getting started and doing business in a way that is competitive with other niche entrepreneurs.

Not only do you feel as if you may need to spend a lot of money on courses, but you also feel as if you can’t compete without owning the same pricey marketing tools that everyone else is touting.

The truth is, in the past, you did need those to have the same speedy results as everyone else. But now, with the invention of ChatGPT and other AI tools, you have the same capabilities and opportunities as others.

There are many different types of AI tools that can replace some of the ones you may be paying for currently…



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