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Connie Ragen Green
11 min readJan 23, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — Search Generative Experience — Optimize!

Optimizing Your Site for SGE — Search Generative Experience for Exponential Growth

First of all, what is the Google search generative experience… And why is this important to your online business and future?

It’s an experimental search experience that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with quick and clear overviews of search topics — without having to click on individual webpages. This can help with a variety of tasks, such as finding answers and discovering topic overviews.

When artificial intelligence began taking a bigger role in major corporations — from Amazon summarizing product reviews to Google summarizing search results with answers from AI — marketers started worrying about what this would mean for SEO (search engine optimization).

For years, you’ve worked to understand the ever-changing algorithm, which sometimes decimates a site’s ranking overnight — and other times lifts sites out of the oblivion with a top ranking they deserve.

The scary part about Google’s new SGE (Search Generative Experience) is that there isn’t a human making a strict algorithm set of parameters for ranking. It’s left up to the artificial intelligence tool to cherry pick what it deems to be a good result.

How are you supposed to compete with other website owners if you have no hard and fast rules to work from when optimizing your site for discoverability and ranking? The key is in knowing what AI wants, and for that you need to be well-versed in working with AI tools to see what looks for.

There are a few things we know from working with AI to figure out the best way to navigate SGE. It may be slightly different from your original SEO strategy, but it will likely still incorporate many of the same things — with some different areas of emphasis.

Develop Content Based on User-Intent

AI has a strong focus on recognizing the language being used by Google searchers. So it is going to try to find a match for user intent, rather than just a main keyword being used strategically.



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