Reversal of Fortune

Connie Ragen Green
8 min readNov 9, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Reversal of Fortune

Reversal of Fortune… Taking Small Steps Each Day Makes All the Difference

I learned early on that having some optimal info at just the right time can turn everything around for us. It can lead to great things, including a “reversal of fortune.” This is my experience with this phenomenon, and I’m sharing it in hopes that this will make a difference in your life experience as well.

First, I’ll define the term “reversal of fortune” as a situation where someone has turned around their life in amazing ways, hopefully from living a life of fear and lack to one in which they exude confidence and have an abundance of everything from joy and happiness to wealth and material objects and service to others.

Reversal of fortune as a concept is also used in economics to explain global income distribution — here’s a paper about it, published by MIT — and also as a literary term. Storytellers use the literary device of peripeteia to change the course of a narrative and reverse the fortunes of a character.

Peripeteia is a sudden change in a story which results in a negative reversal of circumstances. The literary peripeteia is also known as the turning point, the place in which the tragic protagonist’s fortune changes from good to bad. This literary device is meant to surprise the audience but is also meant to follow as a result of a character’s previous actions or mistakes. What I’m sharing with you here is the exact opposite of peripeteia; your reversal will be with the most positive of circumstances and can change your life forever!

My personal experience with this occurred quite by accident. I’ll share the story of my reversal of fortune with you…

One of the most difficult situations, while I was teaching, occurred when I needed an extra few hundred dollars for an unexpected expense. My salary was fixed, so I had to dip into savings — of which there was precious little — in order to cover the cost of whatever it was that came up.

Yes, I also had my part-time real estate work, but taking on another listing or an appraisal required more of an added time commitment that I couldn’t easily fit in to my schedule. I could have asked or paid someone to help me find more time, but back then I definitely didn’t…



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