Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Results

Connie Ragen Green — Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Results

Are you taking the time and making the effort to repurpose your content? Here are ten ways to do this effectively that you may not have thought of, or perhaps you have and this will inspire you to take action and implement what I am sharing with you here.

Today, people love to discuss things online and this becomes an excellent method to repurpose your content. They discuss under blog posts, YouTube videos, and in discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can create content from discussions that are popular on any forum that is within your niche. You may start discussions to get more input from others, or you can read other people’s groups and discussion topics. Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion as well as recreating it for your own purposes.

2. eBooks and Books on Kindle

Anytime you write an eBook or a book for Kindle, realize that you can turn it into individual blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. For example, if your writing has a lot of data in a chapter, you can turn that chapter into a wonderful infographic. You can also turn the book’s topic into a webinar by creating a slide deck from the information in the book.

3. Email Series

If you have created an email series, you can turn them into blog posts. Likewise, if you’ve created blog posts about anything, you should automatically create an email (or more) to go with the blog post so that you can point your email list subscribers to your website to read more.

4. eReports

Think about this eReport you’re reading right now. Each of these topics can become a singular blog post. Take the starting information from each section and then turn it into a longer blog post by adding examples, images, and your own experience to it. But, an eReport can also become a webinar, a podcast, an infographic, a meme and more just by extracting part of it or adding to it.

5. Events

Whether an event is live or online, it’s a great way to create content. Document everything you do and you can turn it into more than just the event you’re having. You can turn it into “how to have an event” content using your event as an example. You’re already doing the event anyway, so you may as well capitalize on it in every way possible.

6. Expand to Repurpose Your Content

Any blog post can become longer and different. Let’s say you have a blog post or article about “7 Reasons to Eat Low Fat”. You can take each reason you discovered and create a separate blog post about each reason. So, the seven individual blog posts may be something like “How to Pan Fry with Water”, “What Coconut Oil is Doing to Your Arteries” and so forth.

7. FAQs

This is a list of questions and answers to help your audience understand your process, brand, or niche better. You can create FAQs for all parts of your business and then you can repurpose them too. For example, if your customer asks you a question you should first answer them, then take that and add it to your FAQ.

Next, create an expanded blog post about the topic. If you want to, you can move past that and create a video. Get someone to create a voiceover of the blog post and a transcription of the videos. See how much content you have just by starting with an FAQ?

8. Gated Content

One way to pull out the stops in your content, especially long-form content, is that you can allow part of it to be visible publicly while gating the rest. The content that is ungated should stand on its own, but make the reader curious enough to sign up to get the content ungated. What’s more is that gated content can be reused and reworked too. This strategy refers to membership sites, a lucrative way to build your business.

9. Graphics

When you create any type of graphic, don’t consider it a one-off experience. You can turn that one graphic into separate images that are slightly different for each social media platform. Each platform has different size requirements. The right graphics can be reused and recreated for all platforms. has an automatic resizer. You will have to go in and fix each graphic after you resize it so it looks right, but it’s fast to do.

10. Guest Blogging

Many websites need guest blogs. It can be time-consuming to create unique posts for guest blogging, but it’s not hard if you know how to do it. Take a popular blog that you already have on your website and rewrite it. Put it into a new order, change some of the terms, and add different headlines and pictures. Then contribute it to a blog that serves your audience. Your bio will allow for a link back to your website.

I would love to read about your methods and strategies to repurpose your content in the comments section.

I’m author and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green. I work with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of online income and would love to connect with you. Download my Online Entrepreneur’s Blueprint and get started right away.

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