Publish or Perish for Entrepreneurs

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Connie Ragen Green — Publish or Perish for Entrepreneurs

If you’ve spent any time at all in the world of academia you know that the dictum is to “publish or perish.” Frequent publication of ideas, theories, and more allows the professors to demonstrate their academic talent, sustain or further their careers, and facilitate continued funding in their chosen field. This amounts to serious pressure to publish content or be passed over for tenure and other privileges at their academic institution.

I believe that this same “publish or perish” concept is applicable to online entrepreneurs. Allow me to explain exactly what I mean with this statement.

Early on I was fortunate to connect with mentors on the internet. The lessons they shared with me were vast, and the one precept that stuck with me was the idea that we must build a business that’s both scalable and sustainable if we don’t want to end up with an online version of an exhaustive and demanding job. By this I mean that you can only replicate what you are creating in the way of products, courses, and programs so far until you have saturated your reach. You must do more by working smarter than harder.

Part of this is a strategy of publishing content that works for you 24/7/365. I was not a writer when I came online in 2006, so during that first year I wrote every single day to get myself into the habit of writing. This was the beginning of creating a content empire in which I continue to create my body of work. I highly recommend you do the same thing. This also caused me to increase my daily productivity substantially and raise my work ethic to the next level, both of these providing me with a noted advantage over any perceived competition. In addition to this site, I also blog at Huge Profits Tiny List and have published more than a dozen bestselling books.

My results are amazing even to me, in that people contact me who have read one of my books, some of my blog posts, and/or one of my syndicated articles. These people become raving fans and tend to work with me closely to achieve their goals. They aren’t people who typically would have purchased one of my courses or information products, or joined my list to receive more information. And my work with them and the corporations and non-profits they represent accounts for fifteen to twenty percent of my income today.

So this “publish or perish” phrase is used to describe the pressure researchers feel to publish their research findings in order to stay relevant and be successful within their academic community, but online entrepreneurs must also take it to heart. When this was first discussed by Harold Jefferson Coolidge back in 1932 in his book Archibald Cary Coolidge: Life And Letters, no one knew that it would have such relevance today.

Are you creating a written “body of work” that represents you well? I’d love to know more about what you are creating in this way.

Connie Ragen Green is a bestselling author, marketing mentor, and online marketing strategist, working with people and corporations on six continents to help them increase their credibility, expand their visibility, and explode their profitability. If you’re interested in getting started with the journey to online entrepreneurship and taking your life to the next level, find out more by downloading your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started today.

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Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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