Profit with Online Marketing Courses

Connie Ragen Green
9 min readJan 10, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Profit with Online Marketing Courses

How to Profit with Online Marketing Courses You Buy

Anyone who has been involved in the online marketing world for more than 10 minutes, would quickly realize that there is no end to the amount of infoproducts (training, courses, ebooks, etc.) that one can buy. Being able to profit with online marketing courses and products you buy will be the focus of this article.

If you had a dollar for every sales page that promised you quick profits for ten minutes of work a day, you’d have enough money to buy Twitter from Elon Musk. What’s strange is that despite the profusion of information in this scene, the majority of beginners to online marketing fail miserably. They end up dejected, jaded, and poorer, after having frittered away thousands of dollars on rubbish products.
Which brings us to one CRUCIAL point…

Not All Information Products Are Created Equal!

Unfortunately, because of the low barriers to entry and questionable ethics displayed by degenerate marketers, low quality products are the norm. The scene is awash with get-rich-quick infoproducts that are nothing more than untested theory.

The vendors may offer money back guarantees but could mysteriously disappear when you ask for a refund. Navigating through this minefield of dodgy infoproducts can be a challenge for even the most intrepid mystery shopper — and yes, you are a mystery shopper because you never know what digital pile of rubbish you’ll have until after purchase.

First key point to note: Just because a product is vendible and has a persuasive sales page doesn’t necessarily mean it’s aboveboard or proven to work. With enough hype and lies, even the trashiest product can sell thousands of copies online.

Choose a Marketing Course That Delivers

Generally, the best marketing courses are comprehensive and pricey. You get what you pay for. Common examples would be Ryan Deiss’ Affiliate Laboratory or the niche mini-sites course by Profits Hacker. When choosing an online course to purchase, you want the vendor to walk the talk. This is imperative.

The guy selling you a course on graphic design must be able to design attractive images. The marketer…



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