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Connie Ragen Green — Productivity Challenge

This is the ninth consecutive year I have hosted my annual productivity challenge and this year I decided to change it up in a big way. Instead of hosting the challenge on my two blogs, alternating each year between each of them I decided to create a new site for everyone who wanted to participate. That site is exclusively for the Productivity Challenge 2019 and you may access the 30 days of training at any time. In fact, I may keep this site going for 2020 and beyond.

Instead of adding each day’s training at the end of a blog post dedicated to each year’s challenge I am now sending you fifteen emails over a thirty day period and writing four or five page short reports on the specific topics I am covering with the challenge. So far these have included time management, being productive in the time you have allotted to your business, what to do if you aren’t feeling very productive, boosting your confidence, and selling yourself to others. And that is just in the first ten days!

Productivity Challenge 2019 — an Affiliate Opportunity

I have set up the challenge as a free product within my system. This means that you may refer your friends and colleagues and they will be able to come aboard at no cost. When they make a purchase in the future, and I can almost promise you they will, you will be tagged as the referring affiliate for that sale.

A challenge such as this one is created as a way for you to get back on track and moving closer to achieving your goals. It will be worthwhile for you to set aside one hour every other day to go through the training and materials I am providing to you and to implement and take action on the ones that resonate with you. Whether you are participating in the productivity challenge for your business or your personal life you will find exactly what you need at this time. How can I state that with certainty? I have found that life works in magnificent and mysterious way to serve you.

How Can You Become a Part of the Productivity Challenge 2019?

Sign up here. Each day I am including a short report from someone who is participating in the challenge for everyone one to learn from and connect with during and after the challenge. Come aboard, see what I am sharing, and then contact me to include your ideas with the others. This serves both you and I as we grow our business during 2019 and beyond.

Take a look at the 2018 Productivity Challenge to compare how this new one has changed for your benefit.

I love serving you in this way. And I’m having fun stretching myself to write the reports on each idea I have related to productivity, time management, and so much more. I even name each page on the site in an interesting way, using different phrases and terms and in a variety of languages.

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