Productivity Challenge 2017

The Productivity Challenge 2017 Has Begun!

Welcome to your Productivity Challenge for 2017! For the seventh year in a row I am offering this training at no cost in order to serve you as an online entrepreneur. Are you ready?

Before we officially begin I want to make sure you have access to my two previous productivity challenges to give you some idea of what to expect. You may access my 2016 Productivity Challenge, as well as the Productivity Challenge for 2015 here.

Day 1: Think about what you want to achieve by becoming more productive. Are you building a business as an online entrepreneur? Are you writing a book? Write down your goals so that you will have more clarity and focus during the next thirty days. I will share my goals for this Productivity Challenge 2017 — the first one is to finish writing my next book, Rethinking the Work Ethic: Embrace the Struggle to Exceed Your Own Potential. As of today I have my notes and outline and have written six thousand words. The second goal is to create and deliver the most helpful and complete thirty day productivity challenge I have ever done since starting this back in 2011.

Day 2: Where is your main site? Your hosted WordPress blog/site will become your “home on the internet”. Make every effort to buy your name as a domain, even if you need to do what I did and add a middle name. If not, choose a phrase you will brand as your own, like I did with my second main site at Huge Profits Tiny List. And using “dot com” is crucial. Where can we find your main blog/site? Please tell us more about what you have set up in the comments below.

Day 3: Which business model are you pursuing? Here are some that you may want to consider. I began with affiliate marketing, quickly added marketing for small businesses, and now enjoy all of these:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Information Products
  • Niche Sites
  • Authorship/Blogging/Publishing
  • Online Courses
  • Physical Products on Amazon
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting

My recommendation is that you begin with one or two of these models and have some success before moving on to another model.

Please leave a comment below and let me know which business model(s) you are working on right now.

Day 4: What is your message? This question make take you some time to ponder and work out. During my first year online I determined that my message was directed at people who were in jobs and careers that no longer served them and was that “everyone must have additional sources of income”. Even if someone wants to stay at their job, it is best to have multiple streams of income so that you are not dependent upon a job that may not see you through the years you need to be working.

What is YOUR message?

Day 5: What are you working on TODAY? Figure out when your most productive time of day is (I refer to this as your Prime Time hours)and then schedule the time to work on no more than three items that day. Only one of these should be a big project, while the other two will be much smaller ones. For example, today I am working on my new book (I’ll hit ten thousand words today!) as my big project, and work on the next session of my Really Simple Email Marketing course and outline the remainder of this thirty day Productivity Challenge 2017 as my two smaller projects.

What are YOU working on today? Leave a comment with the details below.

I’m online marketing strategist and bestselling author Connie Ragen Green and I would love to have you come aboard the Productivity Challenge 2017 as my guest.

Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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