Podcasting: Finding Your Voice

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readNov 11, 2021

Why You Must Share Your Thoughts and Ideas with the World and How Podcasting Makes This Possible for Everyone

Connie Ragen Green — Podcasting: Finding Your Voice

My most recent podcast episode of Praestabilis: Excellence in Marketing — dropped yesterday. After I reviewed and then published it, I took a step back to answer my own question of “Why do you podcast?” and my precept that podcasting — finding your voice — is crucial to success.

I believe that podcasting, finding your voice and sharing your message, allows me to grow and learn and reinvent myself. Allow me to explain what I mean by this…

I began podcasting back in 2010. I’d been online for about four years at that time and had already published two books. The first one, Huge Profits with a Tiny List: 50 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing to Increase Your Bottom Line had taken off in a big way and my business was growing quickly and effortlessly. Then everything came to a screeching halt for me and I wasn’t sure what had happened or which direction to go next.

My mentor at that time suggested more videos and another book. I agreed, and my YouTube channel filled up while I penned another book in the internet marketing niche, this time on on membership sites. But things moved slower than molasses and I looked for another strategy to get back on track.

By now I was speaking regularly at events and conferences all over the world. I hosted my own events, twice a year in Las Vegas before moving them to southern California and I was aware that my message resonated with people I was speaking to in person much more easily than in my then weekly “Ask Connie Anything” teleseminars or even my videos. What about a podcast? Would this be any different than what I was already doing?

The proof is always in the pudding. That original podcast took off in a big way and I was once again enjoying success and prosperity as an entrepreneur, author, and marketing strategist. And, as an added benefit, I had finally found my voice, literally.

When I had begun blogging several years earlier, my voice was stifled by my lack of writing skills. My words spilled out onto the page in a clumsy disarray, spewed in clunky starts and stops. My focus was on getting my words to form sentences that had meaning: the result was seldom meaningful at all…



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