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Connie Ragen Green — New Rules for Social Media

Social media is here to stay, but you probably came to this conclusion long ago. The question now becomes one of how to accept this way of communicating as a part of our lives and businesses and how we can make the best of a world that is new to many and confusing to most. The answer lies in both how we think of social media and how we learn to utilize this complex and ever expanding world to our benefit and the benefit of those around us. Let’s take a closer look at the new rules for social media and how they will apply to you.

Think about this from another perspective. It has never been as easy as it is right now to reach people all over the world with a single, meaningful message by a click of the mouse or tap of the index finger. Our words and images hold the power to affect others in ways we may not know or understand, even though it is basic communication in its simplest form.

New Rules for Social Media Depend Upon Your Role

How you leverage the power of the internet through social media will depend in part upon what you see as your role in the world. These are the possibilities, at least through my eyes and experience, and there will be some overlap between these roles as well:

  • Business owner, independent contractor, or freelancer
  • Community leader and someone who is active with non-profits
  • Concerned citizen and family member

As the owner of a small business, independent contractor, or freelancer your message is about the work you do and the people you serve. Appropriate updates might include information on your products and services you provide and information that is valuable to those who come to you as their trusted advisor in your field.

As a community leader and one who volunteers and participates in a variety of ways with local non-profits and service organizations your message is about the work these groups are doing and the people they serve. Your posts and updates would include information on events and highlights of both the people who lead the groups and the people who benefit from the work that is being done.

As a concerned citizen and family member your message is about your daily life in your community and the people you are closest to throughout the world. Your posts and updates would revolve around the events and situations you encounter, your travel and other leisure activities, and the challenges you face and would like to address in a public forum.

New Rules for Social Media — What Will You Share?

With each of these profiles I recommend avoiding controversial topics, unless you have a cause you are passionate about and do not mind alienating at least half of those who will see it. By maintaining a “middle of the road” position you are able to address both sides of an issue and share information from a variety of perspectives. And make sure those in your business and personal life are aware of anything you might post that would affect them directly. For example, in my family we do not post recognizable images of anyone under eighteen years old at any time.

I have a huge presence on social media because of my growing business, and I am also a community leader and a concerned citizen. Spending no more than fifteen minutes a day altogether on all social media sites combined allows me to share my content around entrepreneurship, details of my books and online courses, and the live events and workshops I attend, host, and speak at throughout the world. This expands my reach exponentially and increases my income regularly.

Also, I share important facts and events about the charitable groups and service organizations I am a part of, and the more personal interests I have in areas such as film festivals, the environment, and travel. Another note here is to remember that once you have posted anything on social media it will be there forever, even if you delete it at a later date. Choose your words and images carefully and make it your goal to interact in a way that allows others with differing opinions and views an opportunity to be heard.

Social media is here to stay, and making the highest and best use of these platforms for business, community involvement, and personal interests can be a valuable addition to our lives. Take these new rules for social media to heart and let me know how this affects the results you receive. And it turns out these “new rules” simply reflect the values we have had all along.

I’m author and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green. I work with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of online income and would love to connect with you. Download my and get started right away.

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Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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