Micro Products to Grow Your Business

Connie Ragen Green
20 min readNov 14, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Micro Products to Grow Your Business

Micro Products Will Launch and Grow Your Business

There are many different business models for you to choose from online, but if you’ve made the decision to pursue info product development, you may find yourself stalled right out of the gate. Micro products will build your business faster than anything else, and it’s all about leverage.

What you’ll see in this industry are enormous launches that take months to plan and create. These launches often have four or five marketers onboard, not to mention the affiliate managers working to help bring the right people into the fold for promotions.

When you see this happening, it can be intimidating and suddenly you feel like you may not have what it takes to pursue this line of work. But what you have to remember is that the strategy they’re taking is not the only one available to you.

While they’re mired in risky, stressful, time-consuming strategies, you can bypass the traditional, high-stakes launch process. Instead, you’ll work on more compact, high-target micro launches that minimize the amount of time and effort required, allowing you to maximize profitability in a different way.

Your target will be narrow, which means higher conversions from an audience who sees your solution as something meant just for them. With a broad, catch-all product launch, many buyers will be repelled because they see it as including a lot of things irrelevant to their needs.

Embracing the Concept of a Micro Product Launch

When people hear the word micro they think small — in terms of profits. But there’s nothing small about the profit potential of a solid micro product
launch. In fact, you have the opportunity to generate a lot of revenue with this strategy.

A micro product doesn’t mean less value. And while the front-end price point might be smaller, that doesn’t mean the money earned from upsells and a good backend strategy isn’t significant.

A micro product is focused on a narrow niche topic or slanted to a specific audience. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the two. It delivers a lot of good
information for a specific goal or pain point for your audience, without a lot of…



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