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Many times you will end up collaborating with colleagues on a Joint Venture simply by connecting with them and deciding to work together. This is exactly what happened when Ellen Finkelstein, Sue Painter, and I got on a call to discuss how we could support each other and share our combined knowledge and expertise with our combined communities and came up with a winning MasterClass. Case Study examples always help you to move forward more quickly in your own business.

As we talked and shared what we wanted to offer, we came up with the idea for a MasterClass on entrepreneurship from each of our perspectives. We wanted to pull back the curtain on each of our businesses to allow students the opportunity to have a closer look at what it takes to become successful.

This MasterClass would consist of three sessions, where each of us could share our expertise in a way that fit in well with the other two presentations. My area of knowledge and experience is around making huge profits with a tiny list by using relationship marketing, and that fit in well with Sue Painter’s expertise around message and branding clarity and Ellen Finkelstein’s expertise around publish speaking and persuasive presentations.

The first step was to break up the necessary tasks between us. Someone needed to write the sales letter, using ideas and concepts from the other joint venture partners. Someone would need to use their payment processor and autroresponder system to allow people to register and get the details for each session.

Once that was decided we each got to work behind the scenes to make sure our efforts were professional and complete. Then we began our respective marketing campaigns, including email blasts, social media posts and updates, and sharing what we were working on with our circles of influence, both online and offline.

When our MasterClass began the students were ready and anxious to learn from each of us. This enthusiasm was contagious as more people joined during the last twenty-four hours and let us know how much this type of training meant to them.

Working virtually alongside people you know and respect is the best experience you can ever have working online, in my opinion. During the time you are creating, launching, and teaching your joint venture program it’s as if you are best friends working on a project for school or in a professional setting. And another benefit is that you are earning income and have created a product that can be sold over and over again, as long as the content is relevant.

Our Entrepreneur’s MasterClass is an evergreen training that allows you a close up look behind the curtain of three successful entrepreneurs. I would encourage you to jump in and experience what it is like to learn from seasoned professionals who have your best interest and future success in mind. You may also wish to read this post on how relationship marketing makes sense for all entrepreneurs. I hope this MasterClass Case Study has been meaningful to you.

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I’m author and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green. I work with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of online income and would love to connect with you. Pick up my Online Entrepreneur’s Blueprint and get started right away.

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