Marketing “Rule of One”

Connie Ragen Green
5 min readMar 11, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Marketing Rule of One

The Marketing “Rule of One” is the Road to Online Marketing Success

Are You Familiar with the Marketing “Rule of One”? This could make all the difference as you move closer to achieving your goals of time and financial freedom and super productivity with an online business.

The marketing “rule of one” is really quite simple. because it actually makes your marketing much easier, rather than harder. And it’s mighty, because this one small change produces massive results. Finally, it’s effective because when applied correctly, the conversions are typically nothing short of phenomenal.

In fact, I’ve seen this rule turn a losing campaign into healthy profit and a profitable campaign into an empire.

The Rule of One states: Your marketing should focus on ONE big idea, ONE prospect, ONE main benefit, ONE core emotion and ONE call to action. One big idea presented in a clear and convincing manner is more powerful than a string of mediocre ideas. And it’s far more memorable, too.

If you offer reason after reason on why your prospect should buy, they will often end up confused and the sale will be lost. A multitude of points weakens each point in turn because it seems none of them are strong enough to stand on their own. You must always think of your cash flow in your business.

Your one idea must be something your prospect can immediately understand and believe. It’s got to be powerful to invoke action.

You might have a list of 7 benefits that your product provides. Choose just one for your headline, your introduction and as the driving force of your copy. You may touch on the other six later in the copy and even bring attention to them through testimonials. Here’s how to put the marketing rule of one into practice:

One Big Idea

As you might guess, finding your one big idea is harder than it sounds. Few marketers are going to know their one big idea from the start, no matter how well they know their market and their product. Here’s how to find the one big idea:

List all of your benefits. Not the features; just the benefits.



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