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Connie Ragen Green — Living the Mentored Life

While I was working as a classroom teacher for a twenty year period, along with running my real estate business I always felt like I was going through life all on my own. Having to make all of my decisions without input from anyone else was empowering, but many times I felt defeated when I was unable to navigate the waters of everyday life. But this became my normal way of doing things and I persevered. Never once did I imagine that my life did not have to be so difficult and that there were others who were willing and capable of helping me to achieve my goals. This was the first step in my pursuit of living the mentored life.

Fast forward to 2005, and I was at the Real Estate Expo in downtown Los Angeles. A friend and I had decided to spend all day Saturday visiting the booths, listening to the speakers, and picking up as many ideas as we could to help us grow our respective businesses. We split up that morning and agreed to meet for lunch and compare notes.

Three hours later we sat down over ham and cheese sandwiches and soda pop and I don’t believe he got in one word while I shared what I had discovered that morning.

Venturing in and out of break out rooms on topics ranging from multi-unit investing to buying real estate in probate, I caught a few words that did not seem to fit this venue. The man was discussing something about mentoring and the importance of mentors and I was intrigued enough to go in and sit down.

This man was Raymond Aaron and I continue to consider him to be my longest and most influential mentor in terms of helping me to shift my thinking and change my life completely. Be sure to read my post based on Raymond’s “Life’s Most Important Lessons” here. Little did I know on that spring day over a decade ago that I could have the life I now enjoy.

The idea of “living the mentored life” refers to having a variety of people help you to achieve your goals. Just as you wouldn’t ask your accountant how to adjust your timing chain on your car, you need to surround yourself with a variety of people who are experts in their specific fields. And even more important, you are looking for people who are excited at the possibilities attached to helping you and working with you over time.

Living the mentored life has brought me closer to people who have a strong work ethic, experience in very specific areas of life and business, and exhibit pure joy at even my smallest successes. You can begin to live this life as well, simply by seeking out mentors in the areas that you are looking to make improvements and change in for your life. Keep an open mind, be willing to humble yourself to someone who wants to help you, and then do the work to achieve your goals and dreams and change your life completely. I speak from experience when I tell you that it is worth it.

Why is the Mentored Life So Important?

Having someone mentor you is an exercise in letting go of past limitations. Once a more experienced person

takes you by the hand and guides you towards the actions required for you to achieve your goals you have a clarity, focus, and vision that is unparalleled. For example, I wanted to write an eBook when I first came online but didn’t have the first idea of how to get started. I was overwhelmed with too much information on the topic, extraneous information on related topics, and my own lack of confidence. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, which is typical when you are just starting out in a new field.

Then I reached out to someone who was an expert in this area of writing, publishing, and marketing eBooks and everything changed. He mentored me for a month and my writing came together quickly. While I was writing he began sharing by example how I would publish and market my eBook. I continued to work with him on this project and within six or seven weeks I was able to achieve my goals and even teach others the process I had gone through to reach the point I was at right then.

I thought back to my years as a classroom teacher and remembered how I would ask my students to help each other with complex, multi-step concepts. Once a student “got it” he or she was in the unique position to teach another student who was on the verge of a breakthrough in understanding the concept themselves.

Mentors and mentorship are integral parts of the success process. In my opinion and based on my personal experience I will tell you that a mentored life is one in which anything is possible. Always wanted to write a book? The right mentor can help you to do this in record time. Need to lose some unwanted weight? Again, a mentor can show you the way. Wish to leave your “9 to 5” job and become an entrepreneur? Living the mentored life gives you steps to take and a path to follow as you begin your journey.

A mentored life is truly a life fulfilled. By interacting and collaborating with people who have both general and specific knowledge in the areas you wish to master you instantly get on the fast track to moving your life forward in the desired direction.

I can remember back in 2005 listening to a recording of a session my first mentor had just finished with a man who had started a successful real estate company. I thought he had asked me to listen to this interview because of my background in real estate, but that was not the case. The conversation turned to the topic of volunteering with non-profit organizations and within a month I had become a part of my local Rotary Club. My mentor had the wisdom to know that this was a direction that would change my life in ways that would not be apparent to me for a couple of years. This alone is an excellent reason to pursue mentorship in your life. Having someone take you under their wing and lead you to new, life changing experiences is something that most people in the world will never understand. A mentor can help catapult you to a life you currently cannot even imagine. You owe it to yourself to find out more about living the mentored life.

Please take a look at Living the Mentored Life to discover if you and I have the beginnings of a long and prosperous journey together.

Living the Mentored Life by Connie Ragen Green
Living the Mentored Life by Connie Ragen Green

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