List Generating in the Custom GPT Store

Connie Ragen Green
15 min readJan 21, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — List Generating in the Custom GPT Store

OpenAI has begun allowing paid ChatGPT users to create custom GPTs for their own use or to share. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. They’ve even built a store where these custom GPTs can be used by others, similar to how Apple has their App store. Let’s discuss list generating in the custom GPT store.

One thing many marketers are looking at is how to build a list or lead generate using this new technology. The process of list building in the custom GPT store is a simple one, and there are a few strategic things you can do to help your brand and following grow.

Keep in mind that in order to build a custom GPT currently, you have to have the paid version of ChatGPT, which is about $20 a month for the basic ChatGPT Plus. Once you’re signed up for that, you can create unlimited custom GPTs to help with your own business tasks or to allow others to use based on your expertise and guidance.

The great thing about customizing a GPT is that you get the chance to train it any way you’d like. That means your personal insight can be paired with the technology AI (artificial intelligence) has to offer, providing the best of both worlds to your customers — leadership and anytime access.

Each custom GPT that you create for the marketplace can be branded with a hyperlink that goes to your own website, allowing you to get people on
your list where you can cater to their needs with products and services that they’re seeking.

List Generating in the Custom GPT Store is Worthwhile!

Step 1: Understanding the Requirements of Custom ChatGPT Store Creations

For now, OpenAI requires you to have a ChatGPT Plus account in order to create your own custom GPTs. With a subscription plan to ChatGPT Plus,
which costs $20 a month, you not only get to access the technology ahead of non-paying users during peak times, but the system responds faster.

Whenever they have new features and improvements in beta mode, you’ll get access to those before the general public, too. Basically, you’re paying to be a priority and to use features others can’t.



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