Leadership and True Grit for Entrepreneurs

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readFeb 25, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — Leadership and True Grit for Entrepreneurs

Leadership and True Grit Make the Person and Their Business

I never thought of myself as a leader, while I was growing up and even into young adulthood. Leaders were other people, and the idea of leadership and “true grit” being a part of my character weren’t even on my radar. It wasn’t until I started my online business and became an entrepreneur at the age of 50 that I began to think differently.

Leadership Through Character

You may have seen either the original or the remake of a film called “True Grit”, a western that starred John Wayne as U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 version and Jeff Bridges in the starring role in the 2010 remake. The plot involves a young girl wanting to hire Cogburn to find the man who killed her father. When asked why Marshall Cogburn is the only person she wants for this job she answers that she has heard that he has “true grit”. I think of people who have the leadership traits of integrity and strong character as ones having true grit.

Leadership Through “True Grit”

Being a gritty person means that you stick to your goals despite numerous issues, problems, setbacks and failures. The person has firmness of mind, determination, and unyielding courage. Are you a person of “true grit”? This continues to be a goal of mine and one that I focus on with every action that I take each day. And when it comes to setting and achieving goals, these qualities will make all the difference for you.

Being an entrepreneur requires a certain inner strength that I did not possess during the more than twenty years I worked as a real estate broker and appraiser and also as a classroom teacher. Perhaps these traits and characteristics were always present inside of me, but seldom did I find the courage to bring them to the surface in any form. It was only when I came online in 2006 and discovered that it was entirely up to me to make things happen in my life and business that my character began to develop.

These days I embrace the concept of being a leader in every area of my life. In my business, I naturally take a leadership and “true grit” approach because I am the face of the business. I’m involved with…



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