Lead Your Team to the Next Level

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readSep 6, 2019
Connie Ragen Green — Lead Your Team to the Next Level

I was new to the concept of putting together a virtual team to help me run my online business when I began in 2006. As I added team members one by one I decided I wanted to have a common goal for improvement as we moved forward and to learn how to grow together to be stronger than ever over time. Understanding how to effectively lead your team to the next level will make the difference between mediocrity and struggle and being more successful than you had ever hoped for and imagined.

Team building has always been a proven method to boost the effectiveness of any worker. By making the team communicate more and spend time together relaxing, a company is making tremendously positive changes in the work environment. These changes will likely yield positive results.

However, many companies wonder how to make the most out of their team. Is there a secret way to gather them into effective team building?

Well, today, we are sharing 5 most effective tips in taking your team to the highest point of satisfaction.

  1. Creating Common Vision And Goals

The path to organizational success should always start with sharing a common vision and goals and focusing the team on how to reach them. By simply stating them and making your team aware of them, a company will be able to build a stable team that understands the main points of the organization and will do their best to achieve them.

  1. Clarifying Roles And Responsibilities

The lack of clarity in organizational policies and work ethics should always be noticed and fixed early on.

Ask yourself: “How clear are the roles in our team?” or “Do my employees fully know their roles?” By answering these, you are one more step ahead in determining whether there are overlapping roles or potential conflicts.

  1. Learning What Your Team Members Need — And Take It Personally!

By taking it personally, we mean being friendly and positive to the employees. After all, we are all human beings and all of us have certain needs in work, right?

With learning what the employees need — whether it is for a task, project or personally, you will build a perfect atmosphere of enhancing the overall work, spirit, and…

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