Key to Success is Consistency

Connie Ragen Green
8 min readSep 14
Connie Ragen Green — Key to Success is Consistency

The Key to Success Lies in Consistency

When most people are feeling frustrated about not achieving a certain goal in life, it’s usually because they start and stop so much and regret their inconsistency later. When you think about a goal that you want to achieve right now, you can probably imagine how much better it would have been if you had just stuck to the plan and seen it through to fruition. The key to success is consistency. Once I accepted this as fact, my life changed in amazing ways.

You may envy others who have set their mind to something and worked on it little by little until the task was done. And you ask yourself why you haven’t done the same. It doesn’t help to look back and beat yourself up about what could have been.

All that does is waste time and serve to demotivate you in the process. Instead, you need to adopt a different approach that doesn’t focus as much on the end result as it does the habit of progressing toward the finish line on a regular basis.

Inconsistency is something that plagues people in many different areas of their lives. Whether it’s trying to achieve a weight loss goal, working toward a financial goal, or something else — without continual action, they will never cross the finish line.

Consistency also varies depending on what you are applying it to. For example, there might be one task that you do every week in a business to put it on the path to larger earnings, but when it comes to weight loss, that consistency must be on a daily basis. In both my personal life and my business, the key to success is consistency and I do not ever forget that.

For your ultimate goal, you want to think about what it would take in order for you to get the results you want, and how a mindset of consistent progress could finally help you get there.

This is nothing more than a habit that needs to be cultivated by you. Give yourself some grace in going through the learning process and know that you might have a couple of setbacks before you find your groove and finally approach your goal in this manner.

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