How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

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Connie Ragen Green — How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

I have been blogging consistently since 2006. That’s the year I resigned my position as a classroom teacher after twenty years, as well as giving away my real estate clients (I worked part-time as a broker and residential appraiser during this period) to professionals who could better serve the needs of my clients. If I had understood how to write and awesome blog post back then I have have had a faster and easier path to success as an online entrepreneur.

We live and learn and now I share my experience and insight with as many people as I possibly can. Most of the time it’s a lot of “aha” moments as they become aware of small things that mean so much in terms of credibility and visibility on the internet.

I’d like to share with you how your blog must be set up so you’re not running enthusiastically in the wrong direction and missing out on many excellent opportunities. No matter where you are right now you may course correct to move forward.

1) Make sure your name is easy to find. Just like when I was a classroom teacher and students forgot to put their name on papers, many entrepreneurs do not have their full name prominently displayed on their blogs. YOU are the brand!

2) Don’t make readers click to another page on your site to find something they need. This includes your opt in form so they may join your list. This box must share the page with your blog post.

3) Include a CTA (call to action) at the end of each post. I share a low cost product or relevant training in a paragraph at the end. Throughout each day sales come in for the ones I have included over the years I’ve been blogging. This may also be an affiliate product.

4) Use keywords in your post title and within your post to drive organic search traffic to each post. SEO (search engine optimization) is an excellent way to build an authority site.

5) Make it easy for readers to leave a comment. Again, if they have to click away from your post to search for anything, you’ve lost them and most likely they will never return. That makes me sad just to write this here.

6) Share your related posts at the bottom of your post. There are plugins that pull your posts by keyword, tags, and topic. This will increase the time your reader/visitor stays on your site and allow you to shine more brightly in the eyes of the search engines.

7) When your visitor does finish reading your post, give them multiple choices of interesting things to click on as they are moving on.

BONUS TIP: Add a “content upgrade” to your posts for added authority. My statistics show that people are three times as likely to opt in to your list when they have downloaded your content upgrade. It may be a free affiliate offer. This is an area I’m working on improving so that each post has a content upgrade like these do:

Here is an example of a post from this blog with a content upgrade. The topic is how to choose your book’s category.

Here is another one, this time from my other main site/blog. It’s on repurposing content.

Your blog is your “home on the internet” and creating relevant and informative posts needs to be your priority. When you learn how to write an awesome blog post it adds a new dimension to your writing, your business, and your bottom line. Both of my blogs are a source of revenue for my business. Use these tips as a guideline to building a profitable authority site. If you are interested in my popular and effective training on the topic of “authority blogging” please contact me and I will provide you with a discount code.

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I’m author, publisher, and entrepreneur Connie Ragen Green and I am here to serve you with my experience, knowledge, and ideas. Learn how to sell yourself to the world with your message and how to sell your products and services based on what you know with my new online training course, How to Sell Yourself and Your Stuff. You’ll be more than glad you decided to come aboard!

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