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Connie Ragen Green — How to Sell Almost Anything

At my recent live event and workshop we had a discussion about sales, specifically selling online. When I stated that I could teach them how to sell almost anything to almost anyone eyebrows were raised and groans were heard throughout the room. I raised a hand to bring the room to order and clarified my comment.

“I believe that I can effectively teach you how to sell almost anything to almost anyone, as long as it is something they want, believe they will benefit from, and priced right. By “priced right” I mean that the product or service you are selling must be worth ten times what you are charging for it.”

I learned this concept of “dollars for dimes” from my friend Marlon Sanders, a legendary writer, marketer, and product creator who has been working exclusively online since the mid 1990s. He bases this strategy on the precept that people are willing to give you and your information products a chance, as long as they believe they are getting a great value for what they are being asked to pay.

This number is not stagnant, as the prices for digital information products tend to go up and down and up again over time. For example, when I was getting started in 2006 it was difficult, if not impossible to find quality products for less than fifty to a hundred dollars, and many times the price tag went much higher. Then sites that offered lower priced products became more popular, and it wasn’t uncommon to pick up something of great value for ten to twenty dollars.

Over time these low priced products saturated the market, and mass confusion was the result. New online entrepreneurs would purchase ten products at ten dollars each over a short period of time and have little to show for it in terms of training and knowledge of which steps to take next. Someone with slightly more experience might choose to purchase one or two products at fifty to a hundred dollars each during that same period of time and then be able to move forward with a much better chance of profit and success.

I have only two products that sell for less than twenty dollars. Each of these was created as a way to generate leads and build my visibility and credibility in the process. In both cases the product was created with someone in my mentor program as a way for them to be noticed as a product creator.

Another method of being able to sell almost anything to almost anyone is to create an information product that could be marketed to different segments of the overall market. For example, I recently worked with someone who specializes in stock photography and we discussed how he could position his photographs in such a way that they would appeal to people in different fields, such as teachers, real estate agents, and those working in churches. This makes sense if you think about it, as all of us have a unique mindset when it comes to using photos for business or pleasure.

Many of my products also fit this strategy, where my markets include entrepreneurs, authors, virtual assistants, students, and people in the corporate world. You can learn how to sell almost anything to almost anyone, as long as it meets the criteria I stated above in regards to it being something they want, something they believe they will benefit from, and also something that is priced right.

I’m author and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green. I work with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of online income and would love to connect with you. Pick up my Online Entrepreneur’s Blueprint and get started right away.

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