How to Revive a Blog Post

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readApr 29, 2021

Got Old Blog Posts? Here’s How to Revive a Blog Post in 3 Simple Steps

Connie Ragen Green — How to Revive a Blog Post

I’ve been blogging consistently since 2006. This means I have several thousand posts on a variety of topics. It also means that many of my older blog posts need to be updated for optimal results. I’m going to share with you here how to revive a blog post. The three steps I use include choosing a post to revive, updating the content, and monetizing your post with an evergreen offer. Let’s begin with the first step in knowing how to revive a blog post, and that is choosing the post you will be freshening up on your blog.

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Choose a blog post to get started with this simple and proven strategy. Does one of them stand out to you? Maybe it’s a post that doesn’t need a lot of work. Maybe you are looking at a post and you’re already getting ideas for things you can do to improve it. Or maybe you have the perfect product to promote in one of the posts.

How you choose the first post to work through is entirely up to you. Pick something that sounds interesting, fun or profitable. Got it? Great.

If you are feeling ambitious, go ahead and make a list of posts you want to work on over the coming days and weeks. I find it helpful to have a list with the post title, the URL, and notes about what changes I need to make. A spreadsheet works really well for this. I’m including the one I use in the download area. Feel free to use it, or come up with your own.

Now it’s time to update the content, work on formatting to make the posts easier to scan and read, pretty it up with some images, make sure it is easy to share via social media and of course, monetize it. These are the types of things you want to make notes on in your spreadsheet or notebook.

That’s about all the planning we need to do. Just make sure you can log into your website interface — most likely that will be your WordPress dashboard — and edit those posts. With that said, let’s move right into the next step.

Revive a Blog Post by Updating the Content

We’ve done the planning and figured out what blog posts need updating. Now it’s time to get to work. The first thing we’ll focus on is…

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