How to Reduce Stress as an Entrepreneur

Connie Ragen Green
3 min readJan 26, 2017
Reduce Stress - Entrepreneurship

Reduce Stress and Soar with Entrepreneurship

Back when I was working as a classroom teacher and also engaged in my real estate business, I longed to change my life and reduce stress, or at least keep it to a minimum. In 2006 I left my teaching job and gave away my real estate clients and thought I had actually achieved my goal. But lo and behold, over the years I have allowed myself to get stressed out over a variety of issues. So once again I am seeking ways to reduce stress and enjoy my life more fully. Let’s take a look at how we can all achieve this state in our lives.

I attribute the stressful feelings I am experiencing to a combination of lack of planning, spending time with people and situations that do not serve me, and to the fact that I do not take enough time away from my business on a regular basis to keep my mind clear. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and ways to make some ongoing changes that will be effective and life changing in terms of how to reduce stress.

When I mentioned a lack of planning as one of the ways I am stressed out on a regular basis. Seeing as how time management and productivity are strong areas for me as an online entrepreneur, you may be wondering how it can be that I am not planning in a way that will lead to optimal results. I will share that many times I take on too much, both in my business and in my work with various charitable organizations. My recommendation to you and myself is to say no more often, be even more picky about which projects and tasks I will take on, and to make sure to be accurate with how much time and effort something will take in order to complete it successfully.

It was pattern as a young adult to spend time with people who were not true friends. I’m not sure why I did this, but it led to feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, and lack of confidence. I thought I was done with that forever when I started my online business, but somehow the old patterns reappeared and I slipped back into forming friendships with people who were not right for me. I have now distanced myself from these relationships, and I did so in a way that was not hurtful to others. If you have people in your life who make you feel less than you want to feel about yourself, make an effort to move away from them slowly. This has also been a huge strategy for me to reduce stress in my life and soar as an entrepreneur.

Taking time away from your business is also crucial to better life experiences. At some point I allowed myself to be bogged down with work and began spending less time doing the things I truly enjoy. These days I am back to marking off several days each month where I will be engaged in the activities I truly love, like films, live musical performances, sailing, and being in the outdoors to enjoy nature. If this doesn’t reduce stress, then nothing will. Are you taking the time to stop and smell the roses throughout your life experience?

As you can see, there is always a solution to every problem in life. I needed to reduce stress and enjoy my life and business again, and by getting back to the basics of spending less time with certain people, taking time away from my business, and doing a better job of planning I have done just that. Entrepreneurship can be a wonderful and exciting lifestyle, so it’s definitely worth it to make it work for you.

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