How Is Your Writing Moving You Forward?

I’d like to ask you a question… How is your writing moving you forward as an entrepreneur?

Connie Ragen Green — How Is Your Writing Moving You Forward?

I will begin by answering this question myself.

I was not a writer when I got started online in 2006. Soon after leaving my job as a classroom teacher and giving away my best real estate clients to those who could better serve them I came online to start a business. Within the first few weeks I realized that writing was going to be a necessary and crucial part of what I was working to achieve. Private label rights (PLR) content was in its infancy, so using other people’s writing was not an option at that time. I was not familiar with curation and didn’t know anyone to ask to write a guest post for me.

During the spring of 2006 I challenged myself to write one hundred posts (these would also be articles) in one hundred days. I did not do this…I wrote and published these hundred articles in just 78 days! And in the process I got into the habit of writing every single day. This was probably the most important result of my challenge.

Publishing blog posts and turning them into articles to submit to the article directories that were active at that time allowed me to lay a foundation for my new business. I have now written and published over two million words on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to authorship to time management and productivity and on to mindset. My writing becomes information products, books, short reports, presentations, and more.

Our writing is a legacy we leave forever. Becoming a writer can open doors in ways we may not be able to imagine. Writing every day will open your mind to new ideas and possibilities and get your creative juices flowing. Your words introduce you to others who may have no idea who you are right now. Writing your words in a way that can shape someone’s thinking is more powerful than anything else I can think of in the world. One person may be so affected by something you write their world can turn upside down. This has happened for me many times throughout my lifetime.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you about your writing and how it is moving you forward in your life and business. No matter where you are right now, what goals you have personally or professionally, or if you are yet to publish your first words, your insights are valuable to me and to the people who will read this post over time. Please leave a comment that answers the question, “How is your writing moving you forward?” Thank you in advance.

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