How I Wrote a Book in One Hour a Day: Case Study

…and how I now teach others to do the same

Connie Ragen Green — How I Wrote a Book in One Hour a Day

There came a point in my business where writing and publishing a book was the logical next step. But I had no idea how to go about this process or even how to get started. I had been blogging regularly for three years by this time but I definitely did not feel like I was an expert in any area. What would I write about? How would I make the time to write a book? This is the story of how I wrote a book in one hour a day, and have replicated this process over and over again. I also teach my strategies to new authors and they are achieving great success as well.

I took these questions to my friend and colleague, Dr. Jeanette Cates. She and I had begun teaching online courses together and she was a veteran of online marketing and entrepreneurship. I explained to her that I simply could not afford to take a month or longer away from my business to write a book. I also told her I didn’t know what to write about. We were in Las Vegas at a private event with Armand Morin’s Platinum Mastermind group at the end of March, 2010 when I posed these questions. Jeanette was playing video poker in the casino and she paused her game and turned to answer me.

“Why in the world would you take time away from your business to write a book? she matter-of-factly said. You can write a book in about one hour a day.”

I was speechless. She continued.

“As for the topic, both Alex Mandossian and Raymond Aaron have been telling you that you’re the ‘huge profits with a tiny list’ person and you’re blogging about that on your new blog. That’s your topic and you are an expert.”

Finding my voice, I simply nodded and saved my words for later that day. As soon as our meeting ended and I arrived home I began writing. Over the course of about three months time I spent one hour every day working on my book. I created a simple outline, looked over the blog posts I had already published on the ways to use relationship marketing to increase your income, and kept writing.

The result was my first book, Huge Profits with a Tiny List: 50 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing to Increase Your Bottom Line. The paperback version was released on July 8, 2010 with the Kindle version to follow. I updated both versions in 2016. Both of those early mentors, Alex Mandossian and Raymond Aaron contributed Forewords for the book. This occurred just over three months from when Jeanette and I had spoken in Las Vegas.

How I Wrote a Book in One Hour a Day — the Details

Writing a full length, non-fiction book in one hour a day is doable. In fact, I continue to write my books in this way and now have over twenty titles to my name. Allow me to explain in greater detail how to get started.

First, think about the topics you have been writing and speaking about during the past year. Write them down, along with some details as to why these were of interest to you initially. In my case, someone very well known on the internet had said that you couldn’t make any real money online until you had a list of at least ten thousand names. When I heard that my first thought was, “I’m glad I didn’t get that memo. I got to six figures a year with a list of only 651 names.” My experience told me that by building relationships with the people on your list you were much more likely to make sales, from both your own products and courses and with those for which you are an affiliate.

How I Wrote a Book in One Hour a Day — the Writing

On this second blog I had begun in the fall of 2009 I had already written a dozen posts. each one described in great detail one of the ways I was using relationship marketing to increase my income. I thought of each of these posts as being part of the primary content of my book. Twelve posts could be expanded into twelve mini-chapters.

So I continued to add my ideas to my outline. I wrote two more posts over the next two days, spending about an hour writing each of them. A pattern was emerging and I broke up my ideas on how to use relationship marketing to make more money into five separate sections. More thinking, more writing, and more brainstorming with three people I trusted came next. I made it to twenty-one posts/ideas and put together a presentation for my community. They asked questions. I had answers. This led to more blog posts where I added to what I already had. At some point I decided on the book’s title. Then it was just a matter of writing one hour each day until I had come up with 50 ways to use relationship marketing to increase your bottom line.

This was the only time I “blogged” a book, but that is certainly one way to accomplish this goal. Since that time I have created tight outlines for what I wish to share and then stuck to it every day. Can you learn how to write a book in one hour a day? Yes, for sure.

If you need help I teach my 10 Week Author program twice a year to a group of no more than a dozen people. We meet online each week as a group, then you and I also have several calls during this time to work privately on your book. This includes marketing, social media, having a cover created and the book formatted, and publishing your book in both paperback and for Kindle. This program is a labor of love and my favorite way to work with you. Reach out to me if this is of interest to you or if you have additional questions.

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