Healthy Productivity and Personal Growth

Connie Ragen Green
8 min readNov 5, 2022
Connie Ragen Green — Healthy Productivity and Personal Growth

Is Healthy Productivity and Personal Growth Your Goal?

I’m a writer, published author, and relationship marketer. Over the past decade or so I’ve been on a quest to share my skills and strategies with people all over the world who follow me. Becoming an expert with time management and productivity was only the tip of the iceberg; moving on to teach about action habits and health comes from my personal experiences. Healthy productivity and personal growth go hand in hand, and I’ll share what continues to work for me with you here.

First, I’ll define what I mean in these areas. Healthy productivity refers to the holistic (emphasis on whole) approach I take with my life and my business. As an entrepreneur, there is no need to clock out of one area of my life and drive a distance to start another project. Instead, my life flows seamlessly between my writing, marketing, spending time with family, friends, and community projects and back again to something related to the work I love, such as mentoring entrepreneurs and authors.

Starting a meditation practice proved to me that personal growth was possible throughout each day, whether I was engaged in an activity I had labeled as work, relaxation, or play. I meditate two or three times each day, for anywhere from five to twenty minutes. Afterwards I feel energized and refreshed and I’m more productive than ever before. I think of this as being “healthy productivity” and personal growth is a benefit that comes along naturally.

Your Eating Habits Can Result in Healthy Productivity

We’ve all heard the term you are what you eat, but did you know what you eat directly affects your productivity too? It’’s possible to choose a diet and specific foods that will boost your productivity all day long.

Blood Sugar Affects Productivity

Spikes and drops in blood sugar can impact energy and productivity. Keeping blood sugar stable throughout the day has a tremendous impact on whether or not you check off everything on your to do list. Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time of day can affect the glucose in your blood stream and leave you feeling energetic for brief periods of time followed by bouts of feeling incredibly tired and unproductive.

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