Getting to Seven… Figures

Connie Ragen Green
9 min readDec 28, 2021

Getting to Seven Figures is a Goal Worth Achieving

Connie Ragen Green — Getting to Seven… Figures

For several years now, I’ve run a small Mastermind and Mentoring program for people earning at least a quarter of a million dollars each year. Yes, they must prove this by submitting some financials when they apply, but typically I can tell they are at this level simply by first Googling them and then having a short phone conversation with them.

Their goal for wanting to work with me is to get to a solid seven figures a year with their business. Right now I’m working with six people in this program. All but one is an entrepreneur. That person is a senior level executive with a multi-national corporation and loves what she does each day.

I’m often asked what the difference is between people who get to and remain at six figures a year, and those who are able to reach and maintain a seven figure income. I’ve written about this topic quite a bit over the years and you may wish to read what I had to say about the importance of mindset on this process.

The first part of changing your life by significantly increasing your income has to do with your expectations and belief system. When I made the decision to leave my twenty year long career as a classroom teacher and my real estate business behind in 2005, I was dreaming of a way to replace my current income of one hundred twenty-five to one hundred fifty thousand a year income. I told myself, as well as those close to me that if I could do this within the next two years my life would be easier, more fun, and much more interesting and meaningful. I believed their were online entrepreneurs who would be able to help me reach this goal.

New Beginnings — A Fresh Start and Time for a Review

At the first of every new month it’s time to review what you’ve accomplished. I do this every single month, and have since coming online over 15 years ago. I knew that getting to seven figures as an entrepreneur, author, and marketing strategies would require greater efforts. These are some of the things I look at:
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