Get Your Customers to Buy from You for Life

Connie Ragen Green
9 min readFeb 15, 2022

How to Gently Persuade Your Customers to Buy from You Forever…

Connie Ragen Green — Get Your Customers to Buy from You for Life

It’s More than Just Creating Quality Products at a Discount! Online and digital marketing is about creating a strategy to get your customers to buy from you for life. And it’s quite satisfying to serve people in this way, as well.

Raise your hand if you feel customer service is sorely lacking in today’s world. Well it’s even worse on the internet where you’re doing business with a static domain via your computer screen.

Here’s the deal: When you sign up for a credit card or buy a new car, the dealer or company gets your contact information, right? Then you start getting mail about special deals on oil changes or an insurance offer just for Visa owners.

You have the right to tear it up and throw it away or sign up for the deal, cash in for 20% off an oil change, or agree to whatever it is they’re offering. Online, sellers also want a way to reach you for future offers — and it’s to your benefit because you usually get a better deal than the rest of the paying public.

We’ve gotten it ingrained in our heads that all email offers are SPAM and just plain evil. But is it any different from your Honda dealer contacting you to let you get your windshield wiper fluid topped off at a fraction of the cost?

Now if all I do is capture your name and a few other details and then email you non-stop with blatant sales-speak of product offer after product offer, then you’re right — I’m a spammer.

However, what you as a marketer want to do is put your white gloves on and handle your customers with care.

I can’t tell you how many lists I’ve opted out of just because I got emails every single day — sometimes more than once a day! It’s annoying, even though all it takes is a quick click of the mouse to hit “delete.”

The Lifetime Value of a Customer… Crucial in Your Quest to Get Customers to Buy From You for Life

When someone buys from you online, they’re buying a part of your niche. Maybe it’s a parent of a newborn seeking a solution to their child’s diaper rash. The original purchase they made was only $47.



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