Four Things Entrepreneurs Focus On Each Day…

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Connie Ragen Green — Four Things Entrepreneurs Focus On Each Day…

There are only four activities I engage in regularly for my business. This hasn’t changed since I started my business in 2006, nor do I expect this to change in the near future.


Because these are the four things entrepreneurs focus on to achieve the greatest possible results in our businesses.

You are somewhere along the continuum of entrepreneurship and/or authorship or you wouldn’t be a part of my online community. There is much to do but we simply cannot do it all. These are the four activities I engage in over and over again in the course of my highly successful and profitable business:

1) Writing & Creating — this includes email messages to those on my subscriber list, articles, blog posts, short reports, sales pages, and full length books for the writing portion; simple information products, more sophisticated products, online courses, membership programs, podcasts, check lists, cheat sheets, information pages, challenges (check out the free 2019 Productivity Challenge here), and more for the creation portion. Take it one step at a time if you are just getting started.

2) Marketing — While this refers primarily to my own products, courses, and trainings it also this entails choosing the specific items to recommend, chosen from the hundreds that cross my desk. I take this part of my business seriously and stand behind everything I ask you to purchase.

3) Mentoring — this piece is the way I give back to those who are dedicated to supplementing or replacing their income by sharing their message with the world. I have been working individually and in small groups with people who wish to emulate and replicate what I have been able to achieve since 2006.

4) Learning — fortunately, we will never know it all. Online entrepreneurship continues to morph and evolve and staying on top of what is working is part of the process. Just this week I was learning more about syndicating and repurposing my content, as well as how to be more effective with my webinars for marketing my products and courses.

If it’s not on this list, more than likely it’s not a good use of my valuable and precious time.

Make a list like this for yourself. Remember that the items you are good at and will be engaged in is very small in comparison to the list of what you will NOT do. Those things are best delegated and outsourced to those who are good at them.

My goal is to surround myself with people much smarter than myself and allow them to serve me with their gifts and talents. A wise mentor once told me to “allow others to do the things I consider to be work and they consider to be play” and I have adhered to this for well over a decade now.

Among the four things entrepreneurs focus on each day is writing. Let’s discuss that writing piece, and in particular blogging. Your blog is your “home” on the internet. I have two, but there is a story behind that and you only need one. You are reading this post on what I consider to be my “main” blog at that was begun in 2007. My “secondary” blog is Huge Profits Tiny List and that site was started in 2009 after two of my mentors, Alex Mandossian and Raymond Aaron suggested within a month of each other I begin chronicling my experience of earning exceptional income with a list that was under a thousand names at the time.

The three most important aspects of blogging are:

1) Create content regularly (you decide what that means for you)
2) Push the content (your posts) out to your audience daily
3) Make sure at least 80% of the content you create is evergreen

Evergreen content stays fresh for your readers. It doesn’t become outdated, and is just as relevant years after you originally wrote it. It will help you serve your readers as much in the future as when you first write it and can potentially have a positive impact on people many years from today.

It will also drive traffic to your blog for years to come. Here is an experts post I was included in about how to drive traffic to our blogs and websites.

You will see that my contribution to this “round up” post was about “How to Drive Massive Traffic Using Medium” that I originally published on my secondary blog.

TIP: Leave a comment on both of these posts to drive traffic back to your site. Think of what I have just shared with you as both a lesson and as a challenge to take action and reap the rewards.

In a later post, or in an update to this one I will cover the the remaining three of the four things entrepreneurs focus on each day to grow their businesses exponentially.

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I’m author, publisher, and entrepreneur Connie Ragen Green and would love to connect with you. If you’re new to the world of online entrepreneurship please check out my training on how to sell yourself at Sell Yourself and Your Stuff and learn how to gain an unfair advantage when it comes to building a lucrative online business.

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