Finding the Perfect Mentor

Connie Ragen Green
9 min readSep 23
Connie Ragen Green — Finding the Perfect Mentor

Your Quest in Finding the Perfect Mentor

You have big dreams. Now it’s time to turn those dreams into reality. How are you going to get there? Finding the perfect mentor, one who understands who you are and what you wish to achieve is an excellent starting point.

If you said something about hard work and a lot of luck, you’re partly right. There is definitely going to be hard work ahead. But what if you didn’t need luck to gain the unseen advantage? What if what you needed instead was a mentor?

At first glance, mentors might not seem very important. Sure, it’s nice to have someone to dispense with the occasional sage advice, but are they really necessary? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” Mentors do a whole lot more than tell you what to do.

In fact, the best mentors don’t tell you to do anything at all. They guide you toward the answers by providing you with their own experiences, some solid intel about what to expect, a whole lot of guidance toward the skills you need, and a solid dose of networking on top just to make sure you know all the right people.

Perhaps that sounds a little more interesting?

If so, you might be interested in hunting down a mentor of your own. Only, how do you go about finding the perfect mentor who meets who checks all your boxes to be your paragon?

First you need to realize not just anyone will do. Sure, there are lots of people further along on their life journey than you, but not all of them make for good mentors. What you want is someone who has these particular qualities:

They Have a Sincere Desire to Share Their Knowledge

The best mentors are committed to giving back to the world. They’re not mentoring because they’re fulfilling some kind of obligation or because they think they ‘should’ be there. They’re interested in mentoring because they want to serve others by sharing their knowledge and expertise. I have always believed that I am a caring and effective mentor to others because I am a teacher, first and foremost.

They Walk the Walk

Before you even consider someone for a mentor, you need to take a look at who they are as a person. Do they follow their own…

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