Fear of Asking for the Sale — It’s About More than Rejection

Fear of Asking for the Sale

If you have a fear of asking for the sale in your business, this can be overcome. It is typically related to a fear of rejection, but that is only part of the story. Let’s explore some concepts that will be extremely valuable to you no matter if you sell digital products online, physical products face to face, or simply want to be able to be more persuasive with your friends and family.

Fear of rejection has its roots in our childhood, when we asked a parent, teacher, or other adult to do something and they said no without offering an objection. This can be crushing to a child and the feeling of devastation can linger into adulthood. It may also begin at or soon after puberty when someone we like or have a crush on does not return our feelings. Either way, as adults we will then have difficulty with selling or with other interactions where we want or need the other person to respond in a specific way in order to meet our goal.

We all knew kids who had no issue with knocking on a stranger’s door and asking them to purchase cookies, magazine subscriptions, or gift wrap. Those were the same kids who glided through their teenage years with many friends and social activities. They were natural born sales people and were the envy of many of their peers.

Then there were the kids at the other end of the spectrum, those who would become ill at the thought of asking someone they did not know well to make a purchase. They took the idea of having a fear of asking for the sale to new heights with the extremes they would go to in order to avoid the situation altogether. Some of these kids had parents who sold on their behalf to their adult friends, colleagues, and coworkers, and whom saved them from these situations many times as they grew up. They typically became even more introverted and developed a complex from having to ask for help in this area.

I was one of the kids who fell somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it was fun for me to ask adults to buy something from me, while at other times I just could not do it.

As we become adults and choose to go into sales, either online or offline, the fear of rejection is replaced, at least in part by the fear of not knowing how to ask for the sale. For some reason I was able to overcome this fear rather quickly and now pride myself with knowing how and when to ask someone to make a purchase. It began when I got started in real estate in my mid-twenties and intensified as I became an online entrepreneur more than twenty years later.

I’ve done much soul searching to understand why I able to overcome my fear of asking for the sale and these are the conclusions I have come to around this matter.

  • I only sell something I truly believe in, whether it is my own product or service or one I am an affiliate for.
  • If I believe someone has potential, dedication, and passion, I will do everything I can to bring them into the right course, program, or product.
  • My confidence and devotion have brought my heart and mind together in a way that allows me to ask for the sale when all of the circumstances are in alignment.

Work on your inner game to move past your fear of asking for the sale. Many people who can only hear your message from you will benefit, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are serving your community in the best way possible.

Connie Ragen Green is a bestselling author, marketing mentor, and online marketing strategist, working with people and corporations on six continents to help them increase their credibility, expand their visibility, and explode their profitability. If you’re interested in getting started with the journey to online entrepreneurship and taking your life to the next level, find out more by downloading your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started today.

Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents. https://ConnieRagenGreen.com

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