Everything We Do Prepares Us for Our Future

Connie Ragen Green
7 min readNov 22, 2022
Connie Ragen Green — Everything We Do Prepares Us for Our Future

Are You Preparing for Great Success?

I believe that everything we do prepares us for our future. Everything that transpires in our lives, every person and situation we encounter, and everything we seek out of our own volition is in preparation for something that will present itself later on. This is the story of how I came to be an online entrepreneur.

Before coming online, I worked for twenty years as a classroom teacher in the inner city area of Los Angeles. These were the mean streets, and if a child could learn to navigate them and fend for themselves when there was no one around to protect them, they would make it to adulthood.

I’d worked in real estate before returning to school to earn my teaching credential, first as a sales agent, then a broker, and finally as a residential appraiser. This could require navigating some mean streets as well, but as a twenty-something I had just enough confidence to believe I was capable of reaching my financial goals. This included owning my own home. Home prices in southern California have always been off the charts, so this was no easy feat, but I did it.

Real estate earned me a decent living. There were parts of it I loved, and others that brought little joy but were part of the process. Down deep I dreamed of a life that offered me more, but putting my finger on how that could manifest was always just out of my grasp.

Then the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster occurred. I was one of millions of people who was deeply affected by this tragedy. Overnight, people signed up for the armed services, joined groups of volunteers in a variety of areas, became police officers, and more. I was part of the “and more” group who became a classroom teacher.

I had to take out a government loan to go back to college to earn my credential and make my transition. This was in 1986, and Los Angeles was one of many cities throughout North America that was experiencing a teacher shortage. I was offered something called an Emergency Credential and assigned to a classroom of 5th and 6th graders.

It was my calling. I loved every moment in the classroom. Eager young minds were ready to soak up everything I could give them. And I had freedom back then to add my own interests and…



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